3x Beautiful hotels in Maastricht to stay at

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Every once in a while a smal city trip within your own country is just a perfect cheap get away. Deciding what city to go and what hotels to stay is just a fun as the actual trip it self. If you are me you have probably been searching the entire internet to find every single hotel, hotspot and spa in the city of destination. This weekend I stayed inn Maastricht to visit FashionClash and stayed at a beautiful hotel. My blog has been evolving over the past month and travel is added to my niche, so what better to start within my own country. This is, 3x Beautiful hotels in Maastricht to stay in.

1 | Kaboom Hotel Maastricht

One of the beautiful hotels in Maastricht I stayed in was Kaboom Maastricht. A budget hotel that won the price of best concept hotel back in 2015, which you’ll see through the entire hotel it self. I experienced a true dutch experience with a lot of blue throughout the whole hotel with a bit of sarcasm. For example, some unused spaces are filled up with gnomes that raise their middle finger. Kaboom Hotel is one of the hotels in Maastricht that cares about the visitors witha friendly smile and some great design.

Kaboom Hotels in Maastricht

2 | The dutch

Every room in the Dutch has it’s own interior design and features modern facilities. They have a public room where video games can be played and some special gin-tonics to enjoy while relaxing in the ‘Hangout-room’. Every morning they make sure you get your free breakfast and the wifi is free to use. The international vibes combined with some great vintage pieces makes this hotel feel like a home. Although in my opinion it could use some brighter colors, the interior is super beautiful with great murals from muraledesign online¬†and definitely is once of the greater hotels inn Maastricht.

The Dutch Hotels in Maastricht

3 | TownHouse Maastricht

If you are looking for a place with a perfect ‘at-hom’ vibe, townhouse is the place to go. Packed with some events Local product markets and participating in the gin festival the hotels has enough to offer while you stay there. The basic rooms in this hotel offer a home atmosphere with the light interoir but some hypermodern tech. Remotely open your curtains and the option to have a fishbowl on your room. Definitely the closest hotel to the city with only 200 meters to walk towards the market and able to rent bikes to get further out of town. Number three on the list of Hotels in Maastricht

Town House Hotels in Maastricht

If you stayed in any of these hotels in Maastricht make sure to leave a comment with your thought.

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