Column | You and me, what do we actually share?

It’s one of those monday mornings where the filthy rain is out and your alarms is set just a bit early. The sun refuses to shine but the trains are perfectly on time. While I am exploring my Facebook timeline I ask my self. Are we somewhere, maybe beyond the horizon, still connected to each other? Is there next to Social Media, something else you and me share?

During my daily trip from home to school I look around, which makes me see people who are all suffering from the same thing: Mondaymorning. there is, in an agreement with my expectations, nobody who really seems to like it.

The smell of coffee is mixing with nail polish remover while the one is solving a sudoku, most of the others embrace the dark circle below their eyes and fall asleep against the windows of the train. Simultaneously this make me smile: the mondaymorning is something that we all share together. The morning that’s represents the Crocs in the variety of summer shoes, and the rotten apple out of all the fresh ones. There isn’t a person who is waiting for this.

But thinking about it, there is more. The lovely and slow Sunday morning. The smile of a stranger. The news, where we all like to complain about. The usual chat about the weather with the cashier. That intense insecure feeling when a policeman passes by. The happy and blissful feeling when the sun and your face meet. Also the moment when the train stops and people start to fall.

The first cup of coffee of the day. Hearing your favorite number in a public space. Those viral movie clips on social media. And the way that we all spend hours, unintentional and unaware, on our Social media. The weather that still raises more words to talk about than the inauguration of a new president. Also the happiness within, when the weatherman announces that the ice is thick enough to go ice skating.

You need to look beyond and even search a but. But in a divided, alienated world like this there is actually more that we share than we will see on first sight. Maybe this is the reason to start my next Monday morning with a smile.

Hi guys, Column Friday is something I got to get to life because I need something to write my stories at. A way to share my opinion and view on the world, about my world and the things I experienced. I hope you like them, make sure to leave a comment on what you think of this weeks Column Friday. X, Alex


Utrecht | Delicious American cravings at Lewis Utrecht

All those ‘over the top’ trends from America are slowly making their way to the Netherlands. Things like Museum dating being the new Tinder and the Instagram trend of showing off your belly, or emphasizing your eye bags. But today we’re talking about food trends, American food trends. With Dunkin’ Donuts opening their doors everywhere in the Netherlands, 2 already in Utrecht, we are already part of the big donut trends. But what’s better than having a donut on top of your coffee or milkshake? Yeah, we’re talking about that insane yet delicious trend! Book cafe Lewis Utrecht, located at Achter Clarenburg 39, is pouring your cup of coffee under a donut or two.


Lewis Utrecht | Book Cafe

It’s has been few years back that ‘Britain’, that store with all those jackets, was located on the spot where Lewis is now pouring your cup of coffee. A cafe that features these cute marble tables as well as some extremely graphic printed wallpapers. The combination of the two gives you this ‘homey’ vibe which is the vibe I look for in a cafe. The staff doesn’t wear any ridiculous outfit but just their normal clothes, which I just love.

This year Lewis Book Cafe won gold medal from the National Dutch Hospitality prizes in the category ‘Coffeeshops’. So, after corona, if you’re looking for a place to go for for a cute coffee date, to study, or to chat. Lewis Book Cafe should be you go-to place.


Next to it’s delicious drinks Lewis Utrecht has an all day breakfast menu which varies from Salads to grilled sandwiches, bagels, and High-tea.


Hallo wereld!

Welkom bij WordPress. Dit is je eerste bericht. Bewerk of verwijder het, start dan met schrijven!