Birkenstock fashion trend isn't over yet + First fashion show

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I think if we’re talking Birkenstock’s everybody knows what we are talking about. The brand it’s succes came as fast as it disappeared last year, but is their succes really over yet? Birkenstock has been around for an incredibly long time, so it must be doing something right. Since designing it’s first sandal in 1963 the brand has never really been gone. Rather than trying to gain popularity, it invested in a long game of steadily developing a reliable footwear which became instantly recognizable. It even came to the point where the German brand’s name could be used instead of the term sandal.

After it’s major succes over the past 2 years, Birkenstock’s succes isn’t quite over yet. For the first time in their brand history they hosted a show at Paris Fashion week and it has people talking about it. The Safari vibe, which carried throughout their ‘tourist-chic’ show last night, was a good choice for their SS18 collection. With a little over 40 models they showed over 115 different Birkenstock styles within the show which was held in the Orangerie Ephémère, a tent erected inside the city’ famous Tuileries Gardens.

As said by Birkenstock’s CEO Olivier Reichert to American Vogue:  “We have been in the fashion industry for so many years already! Go around and ask every top photographer and stylist, they are all wearing Birkenstock…”

It’s true. Lots of people, whatever their job, wear Birkenstock. But was he trying to add a fashion patina to the brand?

We are not going into the arena with the big fashion brands,” replied Reichert. “We are just trying to open a space for the people to relax and have a drink. We want to join the family, let them check our new collection. But we are not on the way to push the fashion more–we are ok where we are.”

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Is this a major comeback from Birkenstock?

I guess we’ll find out next season!

The brand also happend to launch a collaboration with Colette,

 like Dr Martens did a few weeks ago, just before the show.


  • June 27, 2017

    Ik heb hier een beetje een dubbel gevoel bij. Enerzijds vind ik het er op de foto goed uit zien, maar de gemiddelde nederlander kleed zich niet zo trendy. Denk dat ik er vooral moeite bij zal hebben als mannen ze dragen.

    • June 27, 2017

      Het is en blijft natuurlijk iedereen zijn smaak! Mensen blijven wel altijd andere mensen volgen en je kunt er op rekenen dat er aankomende periode weer een hoop Jezus sandalen uit de kast/winkel worden getrokken!