Column friday | We are the future? You are your own.


It’s around eleven in the evening when I decide to go to bed. Not because I am really tired, but I just want to have a good night rest to make sure to be productive the day after. In the morning the sun is shimmering through my curtains and the last drips of dawn disappear by the suns appearance. My alarm goes off, set just a bit early to wake up slowly and start the day fresh. A day where I will be doing the things I want to do and love. Where I want to put my energy in and be able to have that extra bit of energy for the simple tasks that just have to be done.

Well, with all good intentions … some of you should try it as well.

I know a lot of us just don’t wake up by there alarm. But do you wan’t it enough? Do you need this much sleep, or are you scared of the future? Do you even care? Or is it some sort of lack in believing in yourself?

We are the future … well, that what they are yelling around these days. But is it true? Or is the the next generation that is taking over?

For me there it is simple. You are the one that’s shaping your own future. Not the other people, not your mom, your dad, your friends but you. You are the one that is behind the wheel of your life. Choices you make, decision you take or chosing to walk away from something, it’s all you.

We are the future? It’s bullshit, the people who are taking over their life and chose to make something of it are the future. The ones that don’t care or believe are the ones that are going to end up with a shitty job and taking orders for you at McDonalds. Make sure you have something to care about and something to believe in.  Something to live for, what else would you wake up for?

A lot of question marks

Did you realize the text above contains a dozen of question marks? And that it’s all question you should ask yourself if you want to make something of yourself? Yeah, just look at the question marks. They are really there.

Some of the questions I had to ask myself before I found the things I loved to do. The things I would want to wake up for. I did need something for myself to believe in and to work hard for. Otherwise I wouldn’t be the person I would be now, and I would still be in bed not hearing my alarm. They say the time starts ticking when you turn 25 and you feel old. I want to be the one that did something before. I want to be the one that remember because I believed. The one that did the job and acted assertive when he needed. The one that actually cared and wasn’t like the rest just fartin around.

Your future is formed by you, make sure it’s a good on.

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