Shit! This Instagram feature will change your perfect grid

Instagram, Lifestyle

Since Instagram started new stars popped up everywhere. Perfectly aligned grids, gorgeous photo’s and the perfect filter were some of the few cannons on how to spot these. However this, the new Instagram feature that will launch soon is going to destroy this perfect grid.

Lately Instagram is rolling out new features every now and then. Think about stories, new dm features and face filters. This Instagram feature is going to change you 3 way grid to a 4 way grid! OH NO! All that hard work you have been putting into the grid is going to be fucked up by this.

Instagram feature 4 way is currently being tested and is only available for a few accounts yet. The reason for the change is that phones get bigger is what Instagram claims. For influencers this is going to have a major impact on the way they play the game!

When this Instagram feature will be rolling out to everybody isn’t clear yet. But be ready for when the update hits!

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