The Instagram rich list just launched, people earning €480,000 per post

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The real kids on Instagram like Selena Gomez and Huda Kattan top the first ever to launch Instagram rich list. With earnings over a staggering €480,000 per POST!

Instagram has been around for a while now and had turned into a great marketing tool for brands to extend their exposure and people’s knowledge about the brand. Multinational companies and brands like Daniel Wellington, Gucci, Dolce and Gabanna and much more are profiting from these major Instagram mavericks. Known for its breeding ground for selfies, social interaction has really grown into being serious big business. These real live stars are the living proof can turn your online presence into a multimillion-slamming business! (FULL INSTAGRAM RICH LIST BELOW)

The first-ever Instagram rich list just got dropped by Hopped HQ, listing Instagram’s most earning stars in 2017. Some of these major stars earn up €482,900 for collaborating with a brand a posting single photo. The list, which is divided by celebrities and Influencers, identifies start which are smart enough to monetize their their selfies and make millions in their niche/field.

Pop singer Selena Gomez tops of the celebrity list, where Beauty Maverick Huda Kattan got listed just above Zoella in the Influencer Instagram rich list.

Told by the team of experts at Hopper HQ, the Instagram scheduling service who compiled the lists, the social media platform has helped propel these stars to wealth beyond their wildest dreams thanks to product endorsements and sponsorship deals they make on a daily base. Where some of them are already grown out to be true millionaire in their own right, others successfully wilded their online influence into a viable money-making scheme.

Without any surprises, all five of the Kardashian-jenner sisters got featured in the top 10 of the celebrity list – compiled from internal data and publicity available data. Camera Dallas and Jen shelter have made in into the top ten Instagram rich list on the Influencer side, just like Danielle Bernstein and Chiara Ferragni.



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Instagram Rich List


This is an almost accurate indication for a publication on the instagram
feeds of one of these celebrities. Of course not for every single post, but
some of them are making major sponsor deals.

1. Selena Gomez (122m followers) $550.000/ €484.000 per post
2. Kim Kardashian (100m followers) $500.000/ €440.000 per post
3. Cristiano Ronaldo (104m followers) $400.000/ €352.000 per post
4. Kylie Jenner (95m followers) $400.000/ €352.000 per post
5. Kendall Jenner (81,7m followers) $370.000/ €325.000 per post
6. Khloe Kardashian (68m followers) $250.000/ €220.000 per post
7. Kourtney Kardashian (57,8m followers) $250.000/ €220.000 per post
8. Cara Delevingne (40,4m followers) $150.000/ €132.000 per post
9. Gigi Hadid (34,7m followers) $120.000/ €105.000 per post
10. Lebron James (30,7m followers) $120.000/ €105.000 per post


In the essence of these Influencer, it is for sure just guide lines.
But beside the fact, earning 10k for one single post is definitely somthing
which regularly happens.

1. Huda Kattan (20,5m followers) – $18.000/ €16.000 per post
2. Cameron Dallas (19,8m followers) – $17.000/ €15.000 per post
3. Jen Selter (11,3m followers) $15.000/ €13.000 per post
4. Zoella (11,1m followers) $14.000/ €12.000 per post
5. Nash Grier (10,2m followers) $13.000/ €11.000 per post
6. Chiara Ferragni (9,7m followers) $12.000/ €10.000 per post
7. Julie Sarinara (4,6m followers) $10.000/ €9.000 per post
8. Aimee Song (4,6m followers) $9.000/ €8.000 per post
9. Danielle Bernstein (1,7m followers) $7.000/ €6.000 per post
10. Liz Eswein (1,3m followers) $6.000/ €5.000 per post


Boating to Burano ??

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It’s clearly visible the celebrities are earning a lot more than the influencers, based on their engagement and reach. With around 700 million monthly active users on Instagram it was online waiting for a list like this. However this isn’t in all countries, over the past time more and more influencers/celebrities (also the ones on the Instagram rich list) used #ad or #sponsor within their post. A big fine is send to them if they don’t and earning this much money with a single post …. imagine what the fine will be.

Instagram rich list



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