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Another week another Man Monday. Cheer up and get our sparkle out with. new weekly Man Monday list featuring 6 new cuties for you to follow on Instagram right away. If you have been around on my blog you probably have already seen some of these weekly returning Man Monday lists. If you visit this blog for the first time, well …. enjoy!

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1 | Hendrik Giesler

Quite a big follower amount on Instagram but has only started his Youtube channel 1 week ago. Hendrik is a 90’s child, as he calls himself, and comes from Germany. His blond hair, beautiful smile and sparkly eyes really give him a beautiful face.

Hendrik 1 Man Monday Hendrik 1 Man Monday


2 | Marvin Dvorak

Last week I featured his Twin brother Martin, but their both beautiful creatures and they must be in my Man Monday list! His body has a numerous amount of tattoo’s and has the capability to style himself effortlessly. He shows this off, both of them, and he hangs out with his brother a lot. Fun fact, he has one nipple pierced.

Marvin Man Monday Marvin Man Monday Marvin Man Monday


3 | Franco Noriega

Franco, number three on this weeks Man Monday, is a cook from New York City. He owns a few restaurants with the name Baby Brasa and has been in the show of Ellen Degeneres two times. He also modeled for Dolce and Gabbana before he opened his first restaurant. Packed with a good set of muscles, big lips and a killer jaw line he likes to show off his body on social media.

Franco 1 Man Monday Franco 2 Man Monday

4 | Benjamin Kühnemund

All those Germans in my Man Monday lists …. can’t help it. Benjamin is a model, signed with some real good agencies. Next to his occupation as a model he’s a drummer in the band Maroon. He is pretty tall, 190cm, and his eyes are green.

Ben 1 Man Monday Ben 1 Man Monday Ben 1 Man Monday

5 | Sjoerd Geboers

Have to feature a fellow Dutch in the Man Monday list, Sjoerd Geboers. A fashion and travel blogger from the Netherlands. On his Instagram you’ll find a lot of fashion photo’s, which he is pretty good at. Next the these pictures, his half long blond hair is shining in all of them!

SJoed 1 Man Monday SJoed 1 Man Monday

Thats Man Monday for this week. Below you’ll find previous Man Monday lists.

Which one would you snog? Which one would you Avoid?

And which one would you Marry?

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