Man Monday #3 | 5x Cuties to check on Instagram now

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You are probably thinking …. Monday is almost over and I haven’t seen any Man Monday posts yet. Well, even tho the day is coming to an end you won’t regret checking out these cuties. For this Man Monday I created a fresh list with new faces and new bodies for you to check out on Instagram right a way. (click the names to go to their Instagram)

1 | Cameron Fuller

Today’s Man Monday number 1 is Cameron, a 21 year old actor you might know. He starred in movies like Project Almanac and babysitters. Although hes doing good as an actor. hes also signed with some great model agencies. On his Instagram you’ll find photo’s of him, with his girlfriend (I know .. bummer) and his friends. definitely my Number 1 this week!

Man Monday Man Monday


2 | Levi J Foster

He came out of the closet when he was 16 in a small town in Alaska. Now hes known for his work as in activist for the LGBT community. Packed with his camera hes captures people from the LGBTQI+ community in natural environments and much moer. His photography, in my opinion, is seriously sickening!

Man Monday Man Monday


3 | Rodrigo Calazans


Model, model, model. You are probably thinking I only chose models by now, but he … model aren’t casted without a reason! Rodrigo is 32 year old and became a model after he played soccer for a long time. His favorite food is the pasta dish from his mom!

Man Monday

Man Monday

4 | Johannes Ibelherr

A model with a brain, well … his nutrition studies look like he has one. To make sure to get enough exercise he plays soccer and his body tells me he works out with weights as well. Fun thing, he posts ALOT of photo’s where hes only wearing underwear 😉

Man Monday Man Monday

5 |  Jannik Knopp

A model from Germany, because for no reason all these German models seem to be the prettiest! Jannik signed at big agencies like Wilhelmina Models, Kult agency and much more. Doing these jobs gives him the opportunity to travel the world and shoot some great photo’s. Next to his model career he loves his cross motorcycle and his little niche.

Jannik Knopp Jannik Knopp

Thats Man Monday for this week!

Make sure to return every Monday for a fresh list of hotties!

X, Alex

Man Monday

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