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Disclaimer - the Lexpander presets are only to be used in Adobe Lightroom on a computer, a tutorial on how to use this with the Lightroom app for your phone will be available after downloading.

Lexpander presets, now custom made for JPG photos! For those of you that shoot in JPG, or if you want to edit up your phone photos in Lightroom, this is the preset pack for you!

Make some magic and show us what you're made of! I would love to see your work, so when you share please use #LexpanderPresets. That way I can see your incredible photos and we can all support each other 😘

These presets are only for Adobe Lightroom on your computer and are meant for photos shot in JPG format. They can work with RAW photos as well, but are truly meant to be used with JPG photos and may look a little funky on RAW photos. The presets will almost always require a little tweaking to get right. The 2 biggest things to tweak are 1) Exposure & 2) White Balance. With a little practice, you'll be feeling it out naturally in no time.

Since the presets cannot be returned, unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds.

X, Alex

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Cheecky Orange preset by Lexpander Cheecky Orange preset by Lexpander Cheecky Orange preset by LexpanderCheecky Orange preset by Lexpander






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