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Those perfect days in the park are gone because the rain has been taken over lately. Not just rain but also the cold weather seems to be present all he time. Is this the end of summer? or is there some late Indian summer coming to visit us later on? Nevertheless, for me a part of the summer are the delicious meals you can get all over town. Not the not the ordinary fast food from major Utrecht Fast Food chains but the undiscovered hotspots. The ones who treat you well and offer some of the high quality food you are craving for a wallet friendly budget.

1 | Dogma – Voorstraat 17

Hotdogs have been a trend in America for a long time now but it never found its way in to the Netherlands. Dogma is one of the few who is feeding the hotdog trend here. Dogma is serving you authentic hotdogs with a modern twist. The menu varies from hotdogs with chicken, beef, pork, vegan and lamb with an optional addition of pulled pork or fries.

2 | Rose & Vanilla – Amsterdamsestraatweg 11

I have this thing for people who eat pizza for breakfast and dessert for dinner. Rose & Vanilla is a place that sells delicious cakes and pies, all homemade, and offer a cute place to eat it. Wether you want to eat it in or take it out the taste is seriously the best. If you are craving for some good pastries Rose & Vanilla is the place for your cravings to go!

3 | Chidoz – Bilstraat 7

If you are a regular on my blog you probably seen the post about this place already. A not so Mexican Mexican restaurant for perfect food. They sell burritos, nacho’s, taco’s, bowls and salads with their 24 hour slow cooked meat <3 Looking for Mexican, this is your go to place!

4 | Gys – voorstraat 77 & Amsterdamsestraatweg 113

Vegan and vegetarians pay attention please! Gys is the got to place if you are either vegan, vegetarian or you have a gluten allergy. Each season the menu changes with new meals and new treats for you to order or eat in. Although it’s not the cheapest place to go the food isn’t lying and is definitely worth it.

5 | Poké delicious – Bilstraat 9

The latest food trend that has come to the Netherlands is coming from Hawaii! Poke bowls, which I always compare with sushi but bigger in a bowl, is the next thing you want to try. Poké delicious sells you wraps, bowls and more inspired by the food from Hawaii.

6 | Ritos – Potterstraat 8

Sushiburritos? What? Yeah … Ritos sells you sushi burritos! Although it is a place compared to Poké Delicious and the Hawaiian food this is another place to get some good food. You’ll find Ritos in the middle of the city which is easily accessible from every corner of town.

7 | The Bluzone – Oudegracht 122

Fitness junkies, fit boys and fit girls pay attention please! Bluzone is the place to get your ‘healthy’ fast food. Every meal has its own ingredients and its own calorie indicator. The Bluzone sells you burgers, wraps, salads, smoothies and more all focused on calories and other fitness things I don’t know about. #NoSportIsASportAsWell But he, nevertheless they sell good food!

All these restaurant Utrecht Fast food places are also available
through Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo or Foodora

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