Yes!! We launched our Youtube channel, The Coffee Combo

Coffee combo


Trying to renew yourself, accepting new challenges and starting new adventures. In my opinion a person needs this to keep himself/herself awake at all times. How are you going to surprise yourself if you keep doing the same things over and over? It’s one of the things I love doing, so The Coffee combo was born <3

So, me and my friend kelly from Kellyknowsit started a new adventure together! We have met each other about a year ago during Amsterdam Dance event and had the greatest night together. Figuring out we had a lot in common and had personalities that complimented each other in a good way we started this great adventure and are simply super excited about it! So with lots of discussions and way to many face time conversations we did it! We made a big ass plan and started a Youtube channel together!

Both loving coffee way to , we named our channel ‘The Coffee combo” and are going to make videos about fashion, lifestyle and travel. We probably make some vlogs about our upcoming trip to Berlin, but that is still to decide and discuss over some cups off coffee.

So you can watch our first video over on our channel already, and make sure to subscribe if you lied the video <3

X, Alex

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  1. Monique 6 October, 2016 at 18:13 Reply

    Lexiee! Really love the video. And I wanna tell you that I am very proud of you! Kelly, you’re really awesome, love the clothes and the last combination looked really good on you lex. Kus

  2. Monique 6 October, 2016 at 18:20 Reply

    Hi beauty’s
    Awesome video, love the styles and the last one really looked good on you lexie!
    I’m so proud of you, love to watch all that you do. Sorry for my bad english!
    Kelly, you’re awesome, love your style to! Keep up the good work guys. And lexie, little boys grow up so fast ? kus

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