3x Dutch menswear brands to keep your eyes out for

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There has always been more attention to female fashion then there was for the mens department of the branch. But lately it looks like the designers are turning tables to give some more effort for male fashion. There aren’t many but few made it international, we’re talking about Dutch brands. Lately brands like Colorful rebel and Filling pieces have made to into the international markets of fashion. Of course fashion brands, specifically dutch menswear brands, are popping up like new grown vegetables. It’s hard do keep track on which brand launched and how many of them are still standing. Today I made you a list with 3 Dutch menswear brand to watch, without a doubt I think these brand will make the cut into the international fashion market. I am not saying they will be real big, but just to keep your eyes out for these brands to breakthrough.

1 |  Atelier Charlie

‘Slow fashion for the the free men’
Lately slow fashion has been growing in cities and online stores. To fight the fast fashion from brands like Primark and H&M these slow fashion brands are taking over cities with their new innovative and sustainable store concepts. Lotte van Schijndel, an ArteZ Graduated fashion designer, has started the brand Atelier Charlie which is a slow fashion brand for men. It offers clothing that is ‘different through colors, fabrics, fitting and comfort’

Atelier Charlie Dutch menswear brands

Van schijndel started Atelier Charlie only four months ago, designing a collection with 15 items that got fabricated in Portugal and Italy. “It’s important that the clothing gets produced under good work environments, so I only work with certified manufactures. Mainly in Europe so I can easily come by.”Last month she launch her latest collection through Kickstarter, to see if her collection would be liked but he audience. If a new dutch menswear brands would work in this price and quality range, also to create financial support to send her collection to production.

The collection now cover some classics like a blouse, trousers, colbert and t-shirts in different colors and materials. Van Schijndel already collection more than 25.000 euro through 85 donators on Kickstarted. She is happy to announce a new collection and to see a lot of positive feedback.

Atelier Charlie Dutch menswear brands


Since for ever and ever the suit has been part of the work atmosphere within certain companies, some of the best come from the Custom Suit baltimore md designs. Although it’s been around for ages, the modern casual men started to do something different. Only a jeans, blouse and a jacket would do. KHRKTR, which got started by Stefan Compeer and Melvin Spaargaren, investigated it and answered it with heir new clothing label. A casual tailored dutch menswear brand which would facilitate the working man 5 days a week from breakfast to bar.

Dutch menswear brands KHRKTR

The fact, given by the two owners of the label, about there not being a brand that offers what they do makes them unique in the market. Compeer and Spaargarden who both already worked for major brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Van Gils and Suitsupply are telling the there won’t be any tie’s or suits in the collection and the price range will be around €70 to €400. KHRKTR that like to be transparent and sustainable will be sold at big department stores and throughout online webshops. Although they didn’t launch any collection it’s definitely a Dutch menswear brand to watch.

3 | Spoiled

“Spoiled challenges the existing fashion industry of overconsuming,” is the intro found on the website of number three on the list of the dutch menswear brands to keep an eye out for. The label only offers simple basic items with high quality to challenge the million cheap options with low quality. The collection, designed in Oslo but created in Amsterdam, exists out of a T-shirt, pants, sweated and a cap in black, grey and dark blue. Prices vary from €39,95 for a cap and €169,95 for a black jackets. The statement logo from Spoiled got printed on every item to raise awareness for the brand.

Dutch menswear brands Spoiled

After spoiled just got out of their first season the owner Lars Tibben says it was successful. Because of the selective selling stored was able to successfully sell their first collection and to create a good bond with the selling stores. Next to Lars the other owner is Thom van Erp.

Spoiled is for the men who do not feel understand by the mainstream. Young, trendy and refined men are ready for a new look but are frustrated to find high quality, comfortable and sustainable items. In the upcoming time the brand is planning on extending the brand and their collection. On this moment the brand gets sold online and in a vary of multibrand stores in the Netherlands.

Dutch menswear brands Spoiled

Thats the list with three Dutch Menswear brands for you to look out for. In the upcoming season these brand will extend their collections, launch or grow major. Make sure to keep up to dated with these Dutch menswear brand now.

Dutch menswear brands


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