4 upcoming fashion brands to check out this month

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Everyday there is a new brand popping up out of nowhere with new styles, idea’s and aesthetics for example wearing matching couple hoodies is a niche fashion statement. Where they gain popularity others lose some. More and more are consumers now aiming towards smaller brands instead of following others. Small sustainable upcoming brands/labels with their own look on the world is what is appealing consumers these days. I made a list with 4 upcoming fashion labels to look out for this month.

1 | Gold Sport

This upcoming brand label from Nottingham proves it’s not just London that produces killer streetwear. Gold Sport takes it’s inspiration form the ’90s sportswear where it’s latest collection expands with contemporary conviction. the brand’s latest collection is called “The Energy Crew”, and is an homage to the UK’s thriving rave and grime scene.

2 | SaintWoods

SaintWoods is a brand like the Dutch colorful Rebel. What once started as a blog from Montreal has evolved from the East Coast’s most popular online blog and event promotor to a definitive lifestyle brand, creative agency, peddling arts, culture, fashion and music in their city and beyond into one platform. Now, the brand is back with a solid collection to offer the world.

3 | Söderberg

Richard Söderberg’s namesake label is the second offering from the Swedish designer behind cult fashion brand Obscure. For Fall/winter 2017, Söderberg is continuing it’s aestethics. Designing a solid collection of hardwearing leather staples with military silhouettes and an aggressive look to luxe comfort. With it’s Berlin based upcoming brand he is in the right place for this kind of fashion.

4 | Dirty $outh

Back to the Uk we have a young collective that banded together to launch a label that has an uncensored vibe to the streets of south london. Dirty $outh aims to come together and create magic with its tightly edited output of streetwear. In the post-Brexit age, the brand’s aim is to create sense to community among the generation of youth that has it’s civilian right taken.

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