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Ever since I was younger I was looking at other people who had style, looked good and dress well. Thinking about how I could do that and how I would be able to evolve in someone like that. I wasn’t always the most fashionable dude around, but I sure evolved in a certain way. A way where I can implement my own style and own way of dressing to look good. On this endless road, which is still evolving and will change in the future, I have picked up a few tricks on my own. A few tricks and tips to look better instantly and will make you feel less insecure. Well, less insecure in my opinion … back to when I was younger I was kind of insecure, and the way I was dressing and how I looked was a big part of that. Picking up these tips and tricks made me realise I could dress up in style and instantly look better. So this post will feature 5 tips to look better instantly, but please don’t forget to learn how to shave armpits, if you want a clean look you need to do it.

To be honest, I actually googled the exact same as the title of this blogpost. Didn’t turn out that well, most of the posts that show up are tell you to get your shirts tailored and plan your outfits etc etc. If you ask me …. way to much effort, so these 5 tips to look better instantly are way easier!

1 | Roll up your sleeves

I would say rolling up your sleeves is the most easiest and simple trick to look better. It gives an illusion of more muscles because of the triangle shape it creates and it is not justing hanging lose. Next to that, your armpit will have more air to breath and your sweat stains won’t really be noticed. In my opinion, this make every look more ‘sporty’ and makes every oversized tee work really well.

tips to make you look better tips to make you look better

2 | Roll up your pants/jeans

Just like the pictures above, it makes you look more sporty. For this example I used black shoes, black socks and a black skinny jeans. Normally I don’t wear black socks, just because I find them kind of boring. But, rolling up your jeans wil make your legs look longer what make you look longer as well. It’s a simple tip that you can combine with the rolled up sleeves and look taller and more buff, even if you are not.

tips to look better tips to look better

3 | Black shoes will fit under anything

If you have been following me on Instagram you would have seen that I wear black shoes a lot! It’s one of my tips to look better instantly, stop wearing those colorful sneaker under every single outfit. Black is the color that is able to match every other color of clothing you are wearing. Those orange, black and blue sneakers? Not so much. Not saying you should throw them away, definitely not! I wear sneakers from time to time, but ‘classy’ black shoes or just black shoes in general, could be black nikes’ will make the whole picture look better. And yeah, you are probably thinking … those shoes can’t be comfortable. And yes I get that question a lot, but seriously they are the so freaking comfortable!

tips to make you look better

4 | Moisturize and clean your face

Every day, do it every morning! This is something everybody is able to do and next to the feeling you will look fresh. The grease that was on your face will be removed, you won’t look shiny anymore and the pimple will be gone! Get a facial cleanser at a local store but look for something that matches your face. If it is greasy get one for that and if it is dry get one for dry skin

5 | Don’t use to much hair product

I often meet someone which looks damn cute but the hair is just so greasy. It shines under every lantern on the road and it doesn’t even look good that way. If you have a beard make sure to keep it neat.

Make sure to not overuse any greasy products for your hair. It will look good when you just put it in, but after a while the hold wil take off and it just falls apart. Next to the fact that your hands and face wil get greasy from the product to, a dry hairspray will probably be a better option. It won’t leave it behind greasy and the hold is just as strong.

tips to make you look better

Those are my 5 tips to look better instantly! I hope you liked them and you are able to implement them in your life 🙂 Let me know if they helped you and maybe if you have tips for me, let me know!

tips to look better

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