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Black is probably the most appreciated color in the world and I totally agree with it. Altho summer is already striking down black is still a color which is able to match perfectly with this season. Other people might think differently about this because the summer screams for light and natural matching colors. But he, I just like things a bit differently! Today’s outfit is all about black, an all day everyday black outfit for every occasion. Okay, maybe not every occasion because wearing this to a wedding would be inappropriate, but you know what I mean.

All day everyday black from top to bottom:

Shirt:  Outlet (no brand)
Trousers: The Sting
Socks: H&M
Shoes: Dr Martens

With black you can never go wrong, never! It’s the kind if color that dresses well, matched perfectly and looks good on everybody. So if you don’t own a single black thing, run to the shopping mall and get a shit load of it! #TipOfTheDay

The outfit

First, when the skinny jeans came out nobody actually liked it except for the odd ones out. I think trousers are something that has to grow on the world as well, just like the skinny jeans did. And by the way … they are super comfy! I am wearing them with a black tee from an outlet that sells brand less clothing and my beloved Dr Martens to make sure I’ll be able to walk all day long. About the socks, if you know me you know I have the greatest sock collection ever so I won’t be talking about them.

All day Everyday black

All day Everyday black

All day Everyday black
All day Everyday black

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Everyday black

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