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Recently posted on my Instagram about my love for the city life. The ongoing life where you’ll find something to do at whatever moment of the day. A big social buzz for the ones who like to talk and meet new people. New hotspots opening every week on corners of different street to treat you well with their specialties. This week I found Banana’s Utrecht at the Twijnstraat 39, a delicious Asian food shop.

If you know the Twijnstraat you know the place is filled with a lot of cute places that can be considered as hotspots!I will be posting about Utrecht hotspots on my blog in the future, you can check them out here.

I discovered my love of food shops when my lifestyle was quite busy (the past 2 months haven’t been that busy). With the continuous buzz and the ongoing activities food shops where really an outcome. Quickly jump in to the shop, get some food you like and eat it on the way, at the park or at home. Banana’s at the Twijnstraat can’t be missed. The almost fluorescent yellow outside signing is really out there but also gives you the feeling you just want to walk in. Once inside the big wooden bar and espresso machine is what will catch your eye. Because of the open kitchen in the back and the smile of the two owners (whom are sisters) the shop it gives you a ‘home-vibe’ which I myself always think is very nice.

Banana's Utrecht's finest asian foodshopBanana's Utrecht's finest asian foodshop Banana's Utrecht's finest asian foodshop

Banana’s Utrecht Food

Like I said, I like food shops because it’s easy when you’re on the go. Although the fact stated before, I like this place and decided to stay in. The lovely sister owners were happily making the Salmon Salade (picture below) I chose from the menu, which was super delicious!

Banana’s Utrecht prepares all the food themselves with their own little Asian twist. Nothing will be put on your plate/bowl without them adding some extras to it. Next to the self prepared veggies and other ingredients they get their fish, meat and cheese from locals. I am a #SupportYourLocals kind of guy and love how locals in Utrecht help each other out.

“Rather too big than too small”
– shop owners

Beside the food they also sell local Asian preserved food, some kitchen accessories and delicious treats like Salted Peanut Caramel cookies <3

If you are looking for a food shop with fine Asian food that offers your a ‘Homey’ vibe, this is your place to go!

Banana's Utrecht's finest asian foodshop Banana's Utrecht's finest asian foodshop

Banana's Utrecht's finest asian foodshop


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