My Berlin outfits, part 1

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Waking up in Berlin, a big white room with bright lights shimmering through the window. A whole new city is ready to be explored and I am ready to wander through it. Berlin is definitely on my list of favorite cities around the world and is now number 1, but that may change in the future. The urban vibe, the street art that is everywhere and the open minded people that live there is what brought me there. Opportunities to shoot new photo’s for the blog and Instagram but also time to relax and enjoy some good cups of coffee <3

Just like the post I did on my Barcelona outfits, below you will find pictures with a small description and the items I am wearing.

Outfit 1 (day 1 in Berlin)

We just arrived in Berlin but we were not able to check in yet. So after dumping our suitcases at the hotel we jumped right in to the city. Freakishly tired but fully enjoyed by the urban city vibe or Berlin

Wearing from top to bottom:
Jacket: Pepe jeans | Bomber: Aux prive | Turtle neck sweater: Zara
Black skinny jeans: Mango men | Dr martens | Backpack: Fjall Raven

Berlin outfits, lexpander

Berlin outfits, lexpander

Outfit 2 (day 1 in Berlin)

After we were able to check-in and fresh up, I changed shoes and jacket, to go for a good dinner. I kept wearing the sweater because it is super comfy and easy to combine with other clothing.

Wearing from top to bottom:
Cap: Aux Prive | Jacket: Topman | Turtle neck sweater: Zara
Scarf: Zeeman | Trousers: Asos men | Socks: Primark | Sneakers: Nike

Berlin outfits, lexpander

Outfit 3 (day 2)

Wandering through the city and visiting some cool and hip coffee places to give into out coffee addiction. While the coffee was keeping me warm from the inside, this outfit was way and way toooo cold.

Wearing from top to bottom:
Beanie: Aux Prive | Jacket: Topman | Sweater: Nicce London |
Cottonbag: De Dakhaar | Black skinny jeans: Primark |  Sneakers: Nike

Berlin outfits, lexpanderBerlin outfits, lexpander

Outfit 4 (day 2)

Meeting with fellow blogger Philippa to discuss what her point of few on blogging is and how she is making herself grow. Next to shoot some awesome photo’s wearing my favorite vintage blouse, we went thrift shopping <3

Wearing from top to bottom:
Scarf: Zeeman | Blouse: Vintage | Skinny jeans: Zara | Socks: Topman | Shoes, Dr MartensBerlin outfits, lexpanderBerlin outfits, lexpander


Hungry for more? This week my Berlin blog on what I did in Berlin and which paces to visit will be online!post-ending


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