Berlin city trip, small diary post


As you probably already know, me and my friend Kelly recently started a Youtube channel together (Check it out here). Since we met we’ve been on the same level ever since. So we took a trip to Berlin to shoot and film some video’s and wander through the urban city everybody, including us, loves so much. The street art, historical building and the open minded people in Berlin just makes it that this city on top my my list of favorite european cities.

Travling to Berlin

Berlin is not that far away from Holland and is only a 7 hours drive by bus. So we took the bus at night and thought we would be able to sleep well. Underestimating the whole bus situation with no place to lay down or move at all, Just a chair to sit up straight and close ur eyes. Sleeping was crossed of my list and I decided to just lay down with my eyes closed listening to music. Travel to Europe always brings enriching experiences.

With a small stop to smoke a cigarette in Hanover we continued our bus trip to Berlin. Where I actually was able to get some sleep till we arrived in Berlin at a station which was 20 minutes driving from our marvelous hotel, thankfully the hotel had the best mattresses from the reviews of the best memory foam mattresses. So just using Uber to get a quick cap to drive there as 2 freaking zombies with almost no sleep at all.

The hotel

When we arrived at the Lindemann’s hotel at 9 in the morning we were not able to check in yet, but we could drop out luggage and change clothes to prepare for some strolling around town. As tired as we were, a new city gives me this energy to explore and explore and explore more of the city. So walking around till we were able to check in got us to this amazing breakfast place for the ultimate breakfast where I will come back to later.

A big white room with a big window where perfect light comes from. Kinda sums up our ‘Lifestyle Plus’ hotel room in Berlin at the Lindemann’s Hotel at Potsdamer Straße. A unique bathroom that felt like a spa when showering. Decorated with nice anthracene tiles in the whole room and a big mirror to look at yourself and make duckfaces. Not even talking about the great breakfast! I am used to go on a holiday with a caravan or to stay at a camping. So staying in a hotel with breakfast included is so nice, and specially when they have a big variety of food.

Eggs, sausages (more here about the best hog casings), fruit, yoghurt, bread, tomatoes, mozzarella and more made us start our day very well. A good breakfast means a good start of a beautiful day!

Berlin city

Like I said before, Berlin is a city that breaths ‘Urban’ and has this vibe all over town. The street art is magnificent and really big, while the history is also on every corner. And this is actually the reason why Berlin is on top of my list and it will stay there until I will visit the next cool city.


Of course you can’t go to Berlin without visiting some thrift shops in the ‘hipster’ parts of Berlin. And so we went in and out thrift shops where I got some awesome vintage Dr Martens which you see below. Next to that, we visited the regular H&M, Zara and & other stories where I bought a long camel coat which is a unique piece everybody needs in their wardrobe and thats never gets old.

I have to say, shopping in Berlin is almost the same as in Holland is you exclude the thrift shops. H&M, Zara and all those stores are exactly the same experience as here and I guess that doesn’t change. But the thrift shops are full of vintage items I loveeeeeeee! Unfortunately I didn’t had that much money to spend, otherwise 1 of those thrift shops would be closing because they didn’t had any items left.

Food in Berlin

It’s good, cheap or expensive and a lot of choice. Deciding were to go was kinda hard but we managed to make some good choices. Going to Soho Berlin the third day to eat my favorite burrata salad and meet up with Philippa form Philippasjungle to discuss blogging. The first day we went to this cheap thai food restaurant where I just couldn’t manage to eat the food. It was way to spicy and my tongue was on fire. But the other day we ate at a restaurant where we did a beer tasting and ate some of the most delicious pulled pork burgers. Also we went to this cheap Italian restaurant where the food was beyond imagination tasted really good!

 Shooting and filming

So we needed to overcome our ‘fear’ of vlogging in public, it’s just kinda weird to talk into a camera when lots of people are looking with lots of question marks above their heads. But overcoming the fear and shooting in public places and be able to make good content for the blog, Instagram and youtube got us to make good footage for the out Berlin vlog and Berlin outfit videos’s. One of these will be online next week over on the Coffee combo 🙂 Also my blog post ‘Berlin outfits part 2’ will be online soon, in the mean time you can have a look at my Berlin outfits post part 1 and tell me what you think 🙂 Want to take a closer look at the hotel? Just click here!


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