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It has become some sort of a tradition for me, a yearly trip to Berlin. Wether this is in summer, winter, autumn, or what so ever, a trip to Berlin is always on the agenda. A atmosphere and the urban vibe that crawl through the streets of this beautiful city is what attracts me every single time. With a history that books have been written about this city is my one and only favorite city.


Me and my roomie visited Berlin to have some good times, drinks a little to many, and visit some museum. She knows some people there, I followed and we went for a ride. Arriving we already had a party planned at Prince Charles. This is a club that is a former swimming pool. Hereby finding the bar where the pool used to be. Unfortunately we were not aloud to make any photos while there due to the fact Hypebeast was filming there for a documentary.

The vibe of the city trip was set. On our way there we both emptied a bottle and went on for a great night at Prince Charles.

Parties in Berlin

As for parties in Berlin, they are limitless. Clubs, parties, raves, everywhere. What we did was the same as a few years back when we went to Rent a car Dominican Republic dealership, it is just the best way to release yourself for worries, you can get to anywhere you want, faster and easy, and most of them come with GPS system so it is way easier.

The second night, after spending the whole day recovering from the night before, we went to someones house party. We didn’t know anyone there, but the door was just open. It was some sort of a ‘bring your friends I don’t care who’s in my house’ house party. The vibe that everything goes, as long there is a party is what breaths the streets during the nights in Berlin. With famous clubs like Berghain, suicide circus, and Tresor there are enough clubs for you to get you through the nights you spend in Berlin.

Lindemann’s Hotel

Of course the hotel that your staying in during a city trip is very important. The location, the stay, and definitely the breakfast is what makes or breaks the stay. As, for the second time, we stayed at the beautiful Lindemann’s hotel at Potsdammerstraße in the middle of Berlins schöneberg. This area is knows for it’s gay bars near Nollendorfplatz, Kleistpark, and its rich history. Is it has merged to Berlin as Tempelhof-schöneberg only in 2001.

Only 2 minutes from the hotel is the U-Bahn Kurfürstenstraße which allows you to travel the city quickly in an all Berlin way. After eating the breakfast at the Lindemann’s this is a great way to get you going. Of course there are option for renting a bike in the neighbourhood but keep in mind Berlin is a BIG city and you’ll be cycling all day. The U and S bahn are a great way to travel through the city, or an Uber of course.

The hotel has light rooms, the choice to stay at the quite side or the urban street side of the hotel. Hereby appreciating what your are looking for in an hotel. Definetely look up the Lindemann’s hotel for your next stay in Berlin. Also take a look at the Fjord hotel, which is owned by Lindemanns. This hotel has a great view, awesome terraces and a great pool with the best pump just fixed to keep the pool clean, the complete article about how is fixed is here.

Lindemann’s hotel is a beautiful hotel, which I collaborated with. Keep in mind that all opinions are mine and only my own. They have not been changed due to this collaboration.


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