Berlin vlog! And future vlog?

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Berlin, Berlin, Berlin and more Berlin. A lot of my blogs have been about Berlin lately which just was a really good experience for me. So I am planning my next city trip already but can’t decide where to go ..  is it going to be Paris, Stockholm or Helsinki. I really can’t decide but I am sure I will be visiting them all in the future. so visiting Berlin was the ultimate challenge for us to make a Berlin vlog for our Youtube channel  and give you a little extra about Berlin.

You will find the Berlin vlog video below of what we did in the long weekend we were in Berlin. Next to the Berlin vlog I wanted to post this blog about something else as well. Since Kelly is moving to London soon for an internship we won’t be able to shoot a lot of video’s anymore. I need a solution to keep up the creative outlet on the youtube world. Of course will we figure out something to shoot, and my ticket to London is already halfway booked. But I figured I find myself having fun making video’s and it just gives this little extra instead of just words.

So my idea is vlogging over on the Lexpander Youtube channel which is now still empty and there to be filled. With vlogs, video’s and things I haven’t figured out yet but will come along the way of creating. I think a creative outlet such as a vlog will be totally different that a blog or Instagram and will be good to do. The freedom of creating and for you to get a little more insights in my life. So please let me know what you think of me vlogging alone and if you would like a Dutch vlog or English ones?

The Berlin Vlog

Lexpander, Berlin

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