Biggest trend for SS18 is going to be Tourist Fashion

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For ever and ever the Tourist aesthetic has been specified with unfashionable and a way for dads to make a statement: “I don’t even care and I don’t fit in.” It could be used for an excuse to boring and irritation behavior, but also signifies the wearer must be avoided at all costs. Although the previous said, it isn’t a big surprise that tourist fashion is one of the biggest European runway trends for SS18 (Spring/summer 2018, for your info).

A few weeks ago the internet exploded with posts giving information about socks and sandals/flip-flops being a thing now. And you know what … all those daddies suddenly became fashion icons due to the fact they were to lazy to put on normal shoes. The debut collection from SSS World corp is named “Aloha From Hell” which set the spark for the rest. Louis Vuitton based their entire collection on the old skool tourist chic daddy aesthetic with Hawaiian prints and socks with sandals.

Although the non effortless dad looks are about fitting in, the tourist looks are definitely not and are about standing out. All based on the the consumer desire for practicality. For the warmer days a short-sleeved button down for comfortable adepts in the sun and a passport or wallet that snugs into a fanny pack. With the tourist fashion trend being based on the escapism and the need to let go and have fun, it could be confused with he dorky dad looks. But nevertheless, and as many of our favorite designers shown on the runway, it could look super cool.

But what tourist fashion are we going to face next season? Are we all going to be darn cool daddies, what items will we adept in our wardrobes?


Hawaiian shirts

The hawaiian shirt has been the essential for every tourist fashion suitcase, on the runway there wans’t any difference. Brand like Balenciaga and Paul Smith showed solid design on the vacation staple where other brands updated it with logo’s and organza overlays. The Hawaiian shirts are best worn halfway unbuttoned and kept loose.

Tourist Fashion
Sunnel SS18 / Dsquared2

Windbreaker jackets

For every sensible tourist a lightweight, waterproof and easy to pack windbreaker is an essential, you wouldn’t leave the house in winter without on of your down jackets would you? No, of course not. At the Kenzo and Balenciaga show it looked like the jackets were stolen from throwback family photo’s, with blinding block colors. Other brands, like Hermès, offered ultra luxe versions and some offered jackets in khaki. On a vacation function always beats fashion, but don’t forget your windbreaker jacket.

Tourist fashion windbreaker
Balenciaga SS18 / Kenzo SS18

Tropical Graphics

The traditional Hawaiian prints aren’t just for button downs, big flowers and palms made it on coats, pants and shorts. Shows from AMI and Alexander McQueen both featured head-to-for tropical prints, where 1 offers a looser hand drown graphic the other showed a bold Hawaiian work jacket with Bermuda shorts. Although a full graphic outfit can be the faint at heart, you’ll see this in stores soon.

Tourist Fashion
AMI SS18 / Alexander McQueen SS18

Fanny packs

We’ve already sung the praises of the fanny pack , so I am amused to see them walking on the runways. The Louis Vuitton two-tone version is the publication favorite and a good second choice if you couldn’t get your hand on the Supreme collab. Meanwhile other showed fanny packs, Vetements shoes so backpacks in there hyper ironic showed called “no-show” which is a fallback at the dorky tourists in tourist fashion.

Tourist Fashion
Louis Vuitton SS18

Flip-Flops and Sandals

Though it’s not my favorite option to wear, flip-flops and sandals are sliding back into wardrobes this seasons. Showed at the first ever Birkenstock show, sandals are hot and will be back. Louis Vuitton and 3.1 Phillip Lim combined their flip-flops with a good old pair of socks to maximum the dorky dad vibe.
The classic flip-flop took a turn on the J.W. Anderson show, where they look uncharacteristically cool.


Tourist Fashion
Birkenstock SS18 / 3.1 Phillip Lim SS18


If you know your tourist fashion, and dorky dads, you know Khaki is one of the camouflage colors worn by them a lot. From oversized gifs at Acne Studios, GmbH and Louis Vuitton to fully khaki overalls/rompers at the Birkenstock show. This travel’s favorite color was truly everywhere inside the runway shows of the different brands. Simply complete your khaki outfit with a classic brown belt.

Tourist Fashion
Acne SS18 / GmbH SS17

Get your old dorky sandals and flip-flops from the back of your closet and get ready to rock them in the newest tourist fashion trend. Don’t forget to wear them with a good ‘ol khaki and a solid fanny pack. My opinion on this trend? Well, guys … I do see some good things coming from this but this can go bad soooooo badly. The line between dorky dad and fashion statement is just. a thin thread, which is easily broken. If you chose to follow this trend or just think it’s cool, make sure to get the best out of it to avoid the daddy aesthetic.

Tourist Fashion



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