Black pinkies | Outfit post

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It’s December, the coldest month of the year and also the busiest one. Christmas is finding place and new year is only a few steps away. People are clothing and feeling festive and try to get cosy with their relatives. It’s December festivities and people are loving it.

December for me is the busiest month of the year, the one that I run out of money as well. So many presents to buy and so much money to spend on booze. But don’t forget about clothing, and I don’t mean festive clothing but your day to day wardrobe.

People are pulling that old ugly Christmas sweater out of the dust in the back of their closet and put them on to get into the Christmas mood. For me, I cut all that crap and just go for simple.

We are throwing a New Year’s Eve house party in my house with a gold and light pink theme (read all about it in 2017). So I got a outfit to match that and party in style.

It’s simple but classy. A black skinny, as usual, which is easy to combine with every kind of clothing. On top, a light pinkish sweater to get that cosy yet festive in to it. And with the black bomber from Zara for inside. And the black long coat to wear outside to give it this little ‘hipster’ ambient.

That’s black pinkies, hope you liked it and I will make sure to post more outfits on my blog as well on my Instagram. Tell me what you think about the outfit, and what to might change 🙂

Wearing from top to bottom
Cap: At Nyte
Coat: The Sting
Sweater: The Sting
Skinny Jeans: Primark
Socks: Zeeman
Shoes: Dr Martens

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