Hacked by and H&M | New collection from sales items

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Yay for H&M! This major brand is taking an important step for the fashion industry. The two Dutch designers from Hacked By _ are launching a new collection made from H&Ms old collection that has been on sale. Hacked by and H&M invited me to the i-Did studio where the collection is made. 

Hacked by and h&m 1

Hacked by and H&M are making a statement with this, yet to be launched, collection; “Clothing that doesn’t sell (on time) can be used to create new clothing.” The two designers Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Bethum are the minds and faces behind Hacked By_. Hacked by_, the brand, gives a reaction towards fast fashion and the bigger fashion chains. With the use of overstock and rest-materials from the fashion industry as resources they up-cycle clothing and matchinggear.com present a positive solution to prevent waste of clothing.

With this unique collaboration between Hacked by and H&M durability in fashion is coming closer to the actual consumer. Majority of the consumers can’t actually afford a sustainable wardrobe, including me. The collection is about the consciousness for the consumer and that durable clothing is actually in their range. The items designed by van Slobbe and van Bethum have a H&M pricetag, varying between €29,99 (top) and €69,99 (coat).

Hacked by and h&m 2

For this indian collection you can find indian clothing in australia by and H&M picked the beautiful Victoria Koblenco as the face for this collection that exists from 20 items. These different items are divided into three categories, Army meets college, colour & mix, and Black. The names for these different categories/themes speak for themselves if you see te images below.

Hacked by and h&m 3

Hacked by and h&m 4

Another fun thing we could do after the invite to the collection presentation was that we could sow something ourselves. I have never been behind a sowing machine and I loveddddd it. A Hacked by and H&M pencil case/ipad cover/clutch or whatever you want to call it 😉

Hacked by and h&m 5

The collection Hacked by and H&M will be available from thursday the 14th of February exclusively in the flagship store in Amsterdam.

Hacked by and h&m 3

Images: Marc de Groot for H&M. Other pictures by Alex Pander

Uncle Jim | New bar, oysters, and more

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If you are familiar with the Croeslaan you know the Korenbeurs closed their doors in July. The Korenbeurs was this restaurant which had its best time years ago. Now the new owners of the place, which also own Tiger mama and Ruig, renovated the place into a cosy, timeless, and hip restaurant/bar/cafe named Uncle Jim.

Uncle Jim Utrecht

Uncle Jim is placed at Croeselaan 91 and is easy to acces from the city, just across the new Moreelsebrug. The menu featured Oysters, classic steaks, burgers, and veggie bowls. The concept of this menu is not something we haven’t seen before. Something we actually see all over the city, so how is this bar new and hip and why am I Blogging about this? You could say it is an old concept in a new coat. Uncle Jim differentiates itself by it’s interior and the surrounding where its placed in.

The city center in Utrecht is of course loaded with places like this, but the other side of the moreelsebrug is not. There are less restaurant, which live up to what is considered cool and hip now, and so they are using an old concept in a place where there is room for such a thing.

Uncle Jim Utrecht

Since Uncle Jim is placed near all the big business buildings it expects to attract a lot of people that come out of work. But also people visiting the Beatrix Theater or the movies at Kinepolis, is what the owner Jeroen Smeets says. The menu is made for a quick lunch or diner break but is also useable for a long evening in the restaurant.

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The Autumn/Winter trends for men in 2018

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International fashion shows in Milan, Paris, and London show us what will be in, and what will be out next season. Brands like Dior Homme, Raf Simons, Kenzo, and AMI take the runway with their latest creations and thereby putting together our closet for next season. This post is a round up from all the key trends from the latest and biggest menswear fashion shows. And therefore telling us what will be the latest Autumn/winter trends for men in 2018. Let’s dig right in.


Autumn/winter trends Brown Lexpander

Brown is one of the most common colors in Autumn, where it fits the surroundings and weather mood perfectly. You could say brown is what navy used to be a few years ago. It is a warm color and suits everyone, specially all the different shades. All the different ‘tobacco’ shades that most of the biggest brands brought to the runway. Marni, Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton, and Armani were a few of the big brands that showed us the diversity and versatility on what can be done with the brown/tobacco shades.

Autumn/winter trends Brown Lexpander


Statement jumpers

Autumn/winter trends Jumpers Lexpander

What’s more comfortable than a super thick sweater/jumper for those colder days? Yep, totally nothing! Jumpers remain the most evocative piece that belongs in your autumn closet. From jumpers with prints to luxurious cashmere knits to pops of colour. Next to its super comfy function we all know a jumper is just easy to combine and doesn’t need a lot of effort once put on. Make sure you invest in some quality jumpers that will last longer than one season. Because this will definitely be one of the Autumn/winter trends in 2019. Shown by brand in Milan, London and Paris like AMI, Hermes, and Lou Dalton. Hereby making sure they’re still wearable and good looking for next year. Because, c’mon … jumpers can be worn any day any year, and the best combination is with vintage suspenders for men in the most luxurious designs.

Autumn/winter trends Jumpers Lexpander

Quilted / Puffyness

Autumn/winter trends Quilted Lexpander

Puffer jackets, or quilted, have been around for a while. Some even own one already, good for you! Next season puffer jackets will dominate the streets next to faux fur jackets and coat. Make sure your jackets come with the requisite amount of squishiness next season. But do not go for a ‘this looks futuristic’ look when buying one, this can give sort of a ‘play mobile chic’ look. And no one ever wanted that ….. The other runway shows of major brands showed classic padded jackets where others choose for a more vintage feel. But most important, make sure the jacket is comfy enough to wear more than once. Some of the puffer/padded jackets can be a but too puffed and feel like they are crawling up your neck. And you know what, the best of this trend is that the puffer jackets are super warm!

Autumn/winter trends Quilted Lexpander

Leather and belted coats

Autumn/winter trends Leather Lexpander

Personally I am very very excited about this trend and I have been dying to get my hands on a leather trench coat. So expect me in one next season. Since trenchcoats are ruling the in womenswear, this is wear the menswear shows borrows the silhouettes from; specifically the belt. However, trenchcoats have been a timeless wardrobe piece for men since ages, but the belt is kind of new. These leather coats have also been on the streets for a while but more in the gothic and punk scene. It is kind of daring to put these into the ‘normal’ scene, and I can only say we should see what happens and how people react to this trend. Especially since a leather trenchcoat can be worn very chique but also very hipster and ‘dark’.

Autumn/winter trends Leather Lexpander


Autumn/winter trends Pinstripes Lexpander

Pinstripes are for suits, is what a lot of people actually think. But pinstripes have recently evolved already into our day to day styling. With pinstripes trousers for men and women, but also shorts, sweaters, and socks. However, this is considered an upcoming trend because all the big brands on the runway in the big cities showed us pinstripes. It is likely for other brands like Zara, H&M, and Bershka to make their own version of these shown trend and copy/reproduce them. Expect to see even more pinstriped items in stores from major fashion chains upcoming season.

Autumn/winter trends Pinstripes Lexpander



Autumn/winter trends Checkered Lexpander

Checks and checkered prints are a thing, but nothing’s safe about them this season. The pattern is bold, bright, and often worn from head to toe. This can be a bit to much for your day to day styling but isn’t it time to do a bold move once? Would it be cool? In my opinion: YES, go for it! But, as cool as these outfits looks it is not really much affordable for your minimalist wallet. A head to toe look with one print can be a pricey as a new television and often even more expensive. So, be one the look out for statement pieces with a checkered print like a long coat or trousers. This will up your wardrobe and you won’t be spending all your savings on one outfit this season.

Autumn/winter trends roundup

Make sure you check all the major fashion chains when their Autumn/winter trends come to their stores. These collections will have interpreted these trends for the upcoming season. If some of these trends, like checkered patterns and leather coats, might seem a little out there you can also play it safe. A brown/tobacco colored trenchcoat will do the trick as well. This is, next to being an amazing piece, a timeless wardrobe piece to have. Try to combine this coat with a pinstripe jumper or maybe pinstripe trousers. Hereby you’ll be totally in next seasons trends but you won’t overdo you wallet and you’ll be looking classy!

Read more fashion, click here

Autumn Winter trends 2018 Lexpander

Frenchie Cafe | Cupcakes, Unicorn donuts and Truffle fries

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The hotspot you have been waiting for to come to Utrecht has opened their doors. You’ll go there for truffle fries, unicorn cupcakes, freak shakes, eggs, toast, and of course champagne. It is the new all-day-brunch Frenchie Cafe at the Lange Nieuwstraat in Utrecht. Wether you fancy a mimosa, a coffee, or a good brunch meal this is your go to café. You will be surrounded by marble tables and pink velours couches at newly opened Frenchie Café.

Want more hotspots in Utrecht, click here

Frenchie Cafe Brunch

Frenchie Café is a brunchcafé, this means you can eat typical brunch dishes like avocado on toast, American pancakes, and truffle fries. However, this is not the only thing you order at Frenchie. “The real highlights on the menu are the freak shakes, truffle fries, but specially the cakes, unicorn donuts, and cupcakes from Lie of Pie Amsterdam.” tells owner Jacqueline Schoots. You might already know some café’s like this in Amsterdam. Like Stinky Fingers and MR Porter or maybe  in London at the French restaurant Balthazar.

Breakfast Frenchie Cafe Lexpander

Breakfast Frenchie Cafe Lexpander

Unicorn cakes

Life of Pie is an Amsterdam company that made its mark in a very short time and became super populair on Instagram. Well, of course … those cakes, donuts, cupcakes and everything could be put into a museum. If you want to have a tast of these duper populair cakes in the new hotspot in Utrecht, check out Frenchie Cafe Utrecht at the Lange Nieuwstraat 21.

The best thing about Frenchie Cafe is that they’re opened 7 days a week!

Breakfast Frenchie Cafe Lexpander

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This is what Nikkie Tutorials earns with 1 instagram post

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If there is one Dutch girl in the Beautybizz that made it, it is definitely Nikkie Tutorials. From an age of fourteen she started making videos over on youtube. Nowadays she has over 10 million follower and can easily make a living of being an ‘influencer’ Actually, she is almost tipping the 11 million follower count as we speak. Although it seems a bit strange, whenever she hits that 11 million she will be worth even more. But she has not to complain about with her 10 million. With just one Instagram photo she almost earns half our yearly salary.

What does Nikkie Tutorials earn?

It shouldn’t surprise you that Nikki Tutorials is in the list of best payed beauty influencers in the biz. Who ever wants to work with her should dig deep into their wallets; it isn’t cheap to promote your products on Youtube by an influencer like her. Brands that want to reach Nikkie Tutorials’ 10 million followers are currently paying €13.000 for one photo. ONE PHOTO! Like this one:


Selfmade woman

If it isn’t goals to put on some make up, make a selfie, and earn €13.000 … I don’t know anymore. But, we can make jokes about influencer but Nikkie is one of those selfmade women’s who earned everything theirselves. She started when she was fourteen (SEE VIDEO BELOW) and grown out to be what she is now. I think it is just a matter of time till her planning will broaden and she will start her own make-up collection.


Check her first video:

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Man Monday #16 | All new monday Instagram eye-candy

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Your Man Monday list is back with your weekly dose of instagram hunks! A hot, new, and fresh list full of hotties to follow on Instagram!

This is Man Monday 16 to brighten up your week while it just started. But hey, every bodies Monday can use a little extra sparkle to start their week. Enjoy Man Monday 16

Click their names to go to their Instagram

1. Carz Fill

2. Daniel Toni Jais

3. Vivien Mistral

4. Carlo Sestini

5. Jaap Strijker

That’s it for this weeks Man Monday! Don’t forget to share these eye-candies with your friends, or mom, or dog!

Man Monday 16,

Xx, Alex Pander

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Decorating with Desenio | Filling the empty


While green is flourishing the trees along the road, the sun shows itself from dusk till down. It’s spring that is finally around the corner, leaving winter behind like it never happend. Coats, thick jackets, and all the winter stuff can be put back in the closet to make space for the jackets, t-shirts, and amazing prints you have been wanting to wear all winter long. Nevertheless, clothing is big part of the winter season … but so is your interior. To match my spring vibes I am collaborating and decorating with Desenio to move those feelings inside of my living room.

decorating with desenio 25% discount

As some of you might know I moved houses recently, although it was just the room across the hall … still moved. From just one single room in our student house , I am now the proud owner of a living room in combination with a separate bed room. Painting, painting, eating, painting, decorating, buying, painting, and much more had been done until I thought my room would be ready, although I got some help from professional services like https://trussinteriors.com/ that specialize in the interior design of houses. However, ever since I thought I was finished I felt that something was missing … posters! I have been a massive fan of posters, design, and pretty things for like forever and I know I needed some obscure yet nature like posters on the wall. Decorating with Desenio will take my room to a more seasonal en cosy level than before, cause a home is in need of a feeling …

Decorating with Desenio 25 discount with code ALEX

Sometime, when I visit people for the first time, I have no idea what to think about the art on the walls. I have no idea if I like what it does to the room, or if I like how it is hanged on the wall as a composition as a whole. I have no idea if I like the art itself, and the Fram that’s around it.

Does it really matter? Does it even make sense to tell your thoughts about what somebody hangs at their walls?

Ever since I moved I had the feeling something was missing, it was something on the wall … paintings, posters, photographs, or anything from the countless options the world counts today. Decorating with Desenio for me, the brand of the posters and frames, for me is a brand that fills the desire to hang something on the wall. To fill that empty spot on the smooth white surface that now looks frigid and boring. It is a way to express what you like, where you into, or to adjust your interior to the season.

Decorating with Desenio 25 discount with code ALEX

Decorating with Desenio 25 discount with code ALEX

Decorating with Desenio 25 discount with code ALEX


Decorating with desenio

decorating with desneio



7 winter boot favorites to keep those feet warm

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Just like my Comfy Hoodie post it is essential to keep your feet warm anytime … well maybe not essential but darn comfy! Specially on rainy days it is a real bummer if those feet get wet along the day. In my personal opinion boots are my all time favorite and can be worn with literally anything anytime; if they are a neutral color. You probably clicked here to see some awesome boots to cop for this winter; here is the list of 7 winter boots ready to be worn by you!

1 | Dr Martens 1460 MONO

As you might know, Dr Martens is my favorite brand for shoes and boots, the womens safety boots are great. Lately they are reinventing they vintage models and are now featuring more sophisticated models like the mono. No yellow strings that will get dirty by the filthy weather and just a simple leather design.

7 winter boots favorites to keep those feet warm Dr Martens Mono2 | Grenson Andy Boot

Grenson’s last season’s suede snuffs got replaces with classic calf leather textures. Maintaining al the details from then but with a clear inspirational view from the old Grenson Monkey boot but upgrade with their signature wedge sole.

7 winter boots favorites to keep those feet warm Grenson Andy boot

3 | Eytys Kibo Leather

Inspired by traditional army boots Eytys launched their Kibo boots. All black (also available in white) made of shiny Calf leather with a raised shaft. Packed with custom rubber outsoles and cork insoles, arch support, and padded tongue for maximum comfort. Best part, their are genderless!

7 winter boot favorites to keep those feet warm Eytys Kibo Leather

4 | ETQ High 2 Dust Storm

The Amsterdam based brand ETQ returns their iconic High 2 with a military inspired Dust Storm color way. The neutral color is executed in premium suede leather panels with clay leather details and lining. A new crepe-like rubber Cope sole is featured within the design, making you stand a bit higher. Extra, every pair comes with an extra pair of laces.

7 winter boots favorites to keep those feet warm ETQ High 2 Dust storm

5 | Dr Martens Talib Venice

Another pair of docs made it into this list, Although these are white they are not into getting dirty. The leather design made it easy to clean and to be worn comfortable. With these Talib Venice you are able to aestethically please the monochrome eyes within a practical and comfortable boot form.

7 winter boots favorites to keep those feet warm Dr Martens Talib venice6 | Danner Mountain Light Boot

Danner is known for their weather-combative business footwear since the ’30s; fusing heritage, styling and impeccable quality. The Mountain light boot epitomizes original hiking design, constructed from one-piece leather with a seamless silhouette.

7 winter boots favorites to keep those feet warm Dannet Mountain light boot

7 | DSQUARED2 lace-up boots

Black Italian leather touched by DSQUARED2 to make these perfect casual ankle boots. The fringe flap, ridged rubber sole, and laces make these ankle boots actually essential for any men’s winter boots collection.

7 winter boots favorites to keep those feet warm DSQUARED2 Lace-up boots

That’s the winter boots for this season, for you to buy or just for inspiration.
Make sure to pin these photo’s if you equate them with one of your Pinterest boards.

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The best matching couple outfits and hoodies to get through the winter

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Sweater weather is more of the rule than the occasion nowadays,know you can make any printed hoodies to gift to your family members. More and more rain is starting to fall, combined with an upcoming chilly winter breeze. These weather situations just scream for some comfy sweaters to get you through it. Best part of it all, sweaters are totally in and work well in layering up your outfit.

If you want a hoodie for that special someone, you can check out https://matchinggear.com to get some amazing matching hoodies. Now here I have rounded up 10 comfy hoodies which are wallet friendly for you to resist the uncomfortable cold.

1 | Pull&Bear ‘Supernice’ Zipsweater


Comfy hoodies Supernice Pull and bear

2 | Quilted Hoodie Zara

€ 39,95

Cuilted Hoodie Zara Comfy hoodies

3 | H&M Basic Orange Hoodie

€ 19,99

Comfy hoodies H&M Basic Orange Hoodie

4 | Capuchonsweater met tekstprint

29,99 €

5 | U&O Friends Hoodie Sweatshirt


6 | Lazy Oaf White ‘Tired of you hoodie’


7 | Champion Triple Script Reverse Weave Hoodie Sweatshirt


8 | Tupac 4 Life Hoodie Sweatshirt


9 | UO Faux Fur Hoodie Sweatshirt


10 | Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie Sweatshirt

Alex Pander | Lexpander

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What about the 'Späti-Kultur' in Berlin?

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↑Photo credit: A Spätis, Berlin | © Robert Agthe/Flickr

If you have visited Berlin before you might have noticed all the small supermarkets on every corner of every street. These small shops sell a wide variety of liquor and cigarettes and some easy to-go products, although people was replacing cigarettes with e cigarettes people is learning about e cigarettes cancer and even taking legal actions against this. Some of the bigger shops might sell some things you could find in a drug store like shampoo and deodorant. But what is going on with these shops, and more importantly, and how is this a part of Berlin’s culture? Let’s talk about the Späti-kultur within Berlin. If you’ve visited this place before, let us know your thoughts at https://foodlets.com/.

What is a späti?

Like I said, if you visited Berlin before you couldn’t have missed them. But if you are planning your trip to Berlin this is probably good to know. Me, personally, wouldn’t go into these späti’s if it wasn’t for my German roomie I was in Berlin with. These little shops look a little bit illegal, cracky, and weird if you are not used to them but don’t judge a book by its cover.

A späti is basically a night shop, which is open till around 4 or 5 in the morning; some of them close earlier. These shops feature everything between alcohol/sigarettes and sweets. Some of the shops even have a bar, and most of them have a small terrace to drink the beers you just bought.

Where to find them?

Don’t bother to go out and find one. They are literally on every street! I think I haven’t been on a street without a späti in Berlijn ever in my life. But if you really looking for a specific one you can use spätifinder.

Späti-kultur in Berlin(c) Pierre Adenis/Laif/picturedesk.com

Why are there so many?

The Späti was introduced more than a hundred years ago in Berlin to serve mineral water to pedestrians in an attempt to fight the rampant problem of alcohol addiction: Alcoholic beverages where actually forbidden in the small stores. Nowadays this is hard to believe, for the Späti is the source of every beer-to-go. There are late shops and kiosks in other German cities, too, but in no other town the Späti is of such high importance as in Berlin. These Späti’s have become an authority which has ben integrated in the daily life of the Berlin capital. Residents of Berlin go to these shops every moment of the day, wether they need some deodorant or just a beer/soda to go. It’s an easy and approachable shop to hop in and off real quickly.


On weekends you can’t find a Späti without somebody sitting in front of it drinking a beer, any time in the weekend. These späti’s are a part of Berlin’s nightlife and its unimaginable to go without going to a späti first. Wether you are on your way to a friend, a party, or even a rave the späti is there to serve you a cold drink, snack or sigarettes on the go. Because these shops are so intergraded within the lives of Berlin people it’s called the späti-kultur.

Whenever you visit Berlin, if its for work or holiday, don’t hesitate to hop in one of these stores at any moment of the day. It’s what everybody does and it makes you, in my opinion, feel like home in Berlin.

Looking for some other shops, art exhibitions, restaurants?
Have a look at Visit Berlin!

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Europe's biggest vegan restaurant SNCKBR Utrecht at vredenburg


Unfortunately our most favorite Chinese restaurant Paradijs is going to close. However its a los to the city, a new awesome restaurant is opening their doors at that location next year. SNCKBR Utrecht, Europe’s biggest vegan restaurant.

You should have heard the name SNCKBR before, since they have two locations in Amsterdam and one in Eindhoven. These two locations aren’t 100% vegan but are doing one hell of a job. SNCKBR Utrecht will be their first with a full vegan menu. Their will be 110 places to sit which will make SNCKBR Utrecht the biggest vegan Restaurant from Europe.

SNCKBR Utrecht amsterdam featuredSNCKBR in Amsterdam. Foto: Facebookpagina SNCKBR

No ‘Bitterballen’ at SNCKBR Utrecht

Allon Kijl, one of the owners said:”In Amsterdam and Eindhoven their is meat, fish and egg on the menu. These won’t return to Utrecht, this will be 100& vegan.” You would think SNCKBR is frying all their food, but your thoughts are wrong there. You can’t go their for some famous dutch ‘bitterballen’ but you’ll be served vegan steak tartar or a Lentil with mushroom burger combines with some good beer, wine or a cocktail.

SNCKBR Utrecht is opening March 2018 at Vredenburg

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