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Summer is just around the corner and we all feel it. Happy faces appear on the streets and the good vibes are flowing through my city. Time to change up the wardrobe and start to implement color into it. Dark colors such as black, brown and red are more winter colors to fit winters aesthetics. The summer on the other hand screams for some light colors to brighten up the day just like the sun.

Today we’ll be talking about the outfit shown above and beneath. Instagram is such a big inspirational network with bloggers showing their new items and fashion creations. Such as this pink, which is the color of the season in my opinion. Wearing the lightish pink gives this little extra than rather just a white tee. However it’s not white, it is just as simple to combine it as the color white.

It’s not the usual bold color such as blue, orange or green, but a simple yet ‘quite’ color which is still really out there. And it’s fun to exaggerate the color within the outfit, for example the socks. The shirt is light pink, but exaggerating the color with a bold pink.

Sadly enough this raincoat I am wearing isn’t available for sale because it is vintage. But my advice, go thrift shopping for coats! They can be quite expensive in a store but I scored this one for 3 euro … best buy evvvuuurrr !

Blue and pink color from top to bottom

Cap: Aux prive
Jacket: Vintage
Shirt: Anti anti social club
Skinny Jeans: Mango for men
Socks: LivinRoyal
Shoes: Dr Martens

The Outfit:

So today’s outfit is an in between summer and winter outfit. Still keeping the black winter color and combining it with the seasons color pink. Creates good contrast between the two and gives this little extra attention to the pink socks. Exaggerating the pink with the socks is what does the trick to make this an outfit. If I did not, this would just have been clothes on a boy … always make sure to repeat 1 of the colors you are wearing. I’m not even going to start about the shoes … I always wear these haha


Blue and pink color Alex Pander Blue and pink color Alex Pander Blue and pink color Alex Pander Blue and pink color Alex Pander

All photo’s are shot by Mariska van der Haven

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X, Alex

Pink and Blue Alex Pander

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