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It has been a while since my latest blogpost and outfit post because I was busy starting my own youtube channel and get into the routine that it comes with. But passion for fashion doesn’t go away like that and I like to write about my passion.

The new Utrecht Central station turned out to be this beautiful place with the right aesthetic for me. The grey building where thousands of trains come and go has this great vibe. The food and coffee hotspots placed within the building are great to stop for a cup of coffee or a perfect piece of red velvet cake. With thousands of people crossing central station everyday it is a perfect place to be spotted wearing something great, but also great to wear sweatpants and go unnoticed.

Unnoticed by the fact that people won’t stare at your sweatpants outfit and hippy sweater. But of course people will be looking at your if you have put a lot of effort in outfit you are wearing. People notice that and people get inspired by such things, I don’t know if everybody does but I do. I get inspired by seeing other people, and not just when it comes to clothing.

Outfit from top to bottom

Cap: Aux prive
Jacket: Pepe Jeans
Scarf: Zeeman Textiel
Turtleneck sweater: Pepe Jeans
Jeans: Chasin
Socks: Primark
Shoes: Dr Martens
Watch: Samuel Joseph
Backpack: Fjallraven

The outfit

What I am wearing in this outfit post

I am wearing a long coat from Pepe Jeans to create a sort of chic look while I wear monster socks to play with the eye a little bit. The contrast of having a classy and chic coat with childrens socks makes the outfit complete for me. Underneath the coat is a light grey turtle neck sweat, also from Pepe Jeans and on top a cap from Aux Prive. The backpack, which makes the outfit less classy, is a Fjall Raven ‘Kanken’ which is my favorite backpack since it looks super ‘hipster’.


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