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I don’t know if I am the only human being on this planet who is in love with doing nothing, but I truly am. Everybody else seems to like it, well … at least that’s what their social media appearance looks like. We are currently living in a world where everybody tells themselves they are super busy, all of the time. But are we busy for real? Column Friday on the irrelevant thing that’s called Busy these days.

“Because you are the only person you have to deal with your entire life.”

It looks like you are enjoying your beer at the local bar and it looks like you just spent 2 hours in front of the mirror to get that perfect hair braid. It looks like you are enjoying the 26th season of the particular series on Netflix and it looks like that two hour game session on your ps4 was fun. Are you busy? Yeah, you are busy with yourself!

I think it is some sort of ‘ideal’ state of mind … if you keep telling yourself you are super busy you are going to believe it. All those it-girls and it-boys who’ve made it these days are people we look up to. And yes … they look busy working all the time, but that’s the only thing we see. Even if you think you are not influenced by these people, you definitely are. It’s just how the brains work …

So this ‘ideal’ mind set that these it-boys and girls have is what we all wish for. We all wish to have major succes in life and to be able to live from the things we like doing. But guys … seriously … we all know you aren’t that busy and you have spare time. Stop telling yourself you’re busy and start believing you’re not. It won’t just change your mindset but it will actually increase your productive time to actually work on something that you’ll be busy with later.

I actually think these people who tell themselves they’re busy all the time should change their Facebook relationship status to Busy. You don’t have time for friends, people and secret admirers. You’re busy enough to enjoy your spare time alone so why wouldn’t you change it? Who needs people if you’re to busy to care about them.

See this column as a little life lesson I have learned from experience. If you’re too busy caring about yourself and forget to care about other people, those people will stop caring about you and they will turn against you. It simple as that.

So if you’re a busy fucker, change your fucking Relationship status to ‘Busy’ so we know to avoid you. Cause we don’t want to be around people that don’t have time to care about us.

Column Friday by Alex Pander

I started doing this Column Friday thing because I needed a creative outlet for myself to write about things that disturb me. Things I don’t like or things that leave me with questions marks around my head. Column friday won’t be posted every week, but expect them to be on at Friday.

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