Daily morning routines, must not forget to take my hydrocodone


The warm glow and the bright light that woke you up makes you open your eyes. Realizing the didn’t close the curtains because of the sudden event last night. The sun comng trough make you realize it probably wasn’t the best idea to drink those mojito’s last night. With a proper headache and a day full of activities your stroll to the shower where you can wake up.

Although I know it is not part of everyone’s daily routine, I have to make sure I take my medication every morning. It’s just a couple of pills. I do have to make sure I’m always fully stocked because if I run out I’ll be in trouble. If I have to go out of the country I need to check can you buy hydrocodone online in the country I’m going to, just to be sure. That or I have to take very specific paperwork with me so the airport will let me carry my medication with me. It’s a bit a hassle.

Well, the mojito’s and sudden event part didn’t have to happen for me to follow my daily morning routines. Waking up fresh and feeling rested feels so much better and helps me to get the most out of my days. But to wake up properly and energetic I need a shower to fresh myself up and use some proper skin care, including the hair removal of the body without affecting the skin, with the right laser treatments for this, and you can find more information about this online.

Aveda Botanical cleanser

Aveda Botanical Kinects gel cleanser (daily usage)

Every morning I wake up with my skin feeling a little bit greasy which that needs to be washed off. Off course there are a lot of product to use to get the grease off but I am kinda of a vegetable fan when it comes to skin products. The Aveda cleanser is a pure vegetable one and does wonders with impurities and gives your face a clean and fresh feeling.

Aveda dual aftershave

Aveda men dual action after shave

Coming out of the shower (totally different from coming out of the closet btw) with the fresh feeling on my face left by the gel cleanser makes me search for my razor. Shaving my beard, or sometimes I wax my beard I read the Home waxing kit reviews and all of them were pretty good so the is what a started using, it  honestly one of the best ways to remove hair. Trimming it a little but every once in a while is necessary to not look like a neanderthal, and for those of you who don’t like shaving your own beard or even having one at all, Blue Divine laser hair removal Atlanta is the spa to visit for these services. So not looking like a man that hangs around with apes and other animals I use the Aveda dual action after shave. Not only to avoid irritation on my skin, but it’s is also a moisturizer. And since the product is also totally vegetable and hydrates I use it every day, even when I get my treatment from The Dermatology & Laser Group.

Syoss hairspray keratine

Syoss keratine hair spray

When I’m all set and ready but didn’t do my hair, I put in a rubber band to make a little bun. A little bun that actually goes by the name “techno bun” in the Netherlands. But that said, when I do my hair I use a blow dryer to get everything dry. My hair is so thick and there is so much that there is nothing to get started on when it’s still wet. So everything blown out the only thing I use is Syoss hairspray. It doesn’t get your hair wet or anything, it’s a dry spray and creates lots of volume.

Even if the mojito’s happened, I got my daily morning routine to feel fresh and energetic but with a headache.

Made with Aveda Nederland



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