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Should everybody own an expensive fancy suit? No … but should everybody own a simple yet casual suit. Yes they do. It’s one of these timeless wardrobe pieces which will never go out of style and are just super easy to wear, combine and look great in. Perfect for those Dress up Thursday nights where you need to look fancy, and the casual yet formal Friday afterwards. Next to that fact, isn’t it just fun to dress up from time to time just to give yourself a little ego boost wearing it. ‘I can be a business man one day’ is my thought when I am dressed up in a fancy suit.

Today’s post will be about styling a suit, going from stylish to a little more casual. Only using 1 suit to create three different looks that will get you going gon you Dress Up Thursday events and your casual Fridays.

Look 1 – The suit

Of course a suit is ment to be worn like a suit. So I had to include the whole suit’s look which is actually really nice. I rolled up the trousers to make sure my socks were visible and to make the whole look more sporty. Even tho it looks kind of sporty, this is perfect for a Dress Up Thursday event to look chique and sophisticated.  I am not the kind of person that’s going to wearing. suit like a suit. I make sure to give it my own twist with the rolled up trousers and the socks. Such an outfit would be great for the second round of a job interview, or just to impress your mom and show them you grew up.

Dress Up Thursday Lexpander

Look  2 – Casual sweater

Wether you like it or not, a suit can be quite uncomfortable some times. It just doesn’t stretch and moving in it can feel a little held back. So take of that jacket and throw on a simple and comfy sweater. To go from Dress up Thursday to comfy or casual Friday in a minute. It still looks like you had put some effort in there and the trousers will make it look casual. For me this look is actually something I would were on a daily base. And it’s a great outfit for both job interviews and a normal school day.

Dress Up Thursday Lexpander


Look 3 – Formal but comfy

Get rid of those trousers and put on a simple jeans. The trousers can, just like the jacket, hard to move in sometimes. They don’t stretch and bending can be a pain in the ass, and even worse … your trousers can tear. So get rid of them and get that jacket out of the closet again. A simple sweater again to not go over the top, and the simple jeans is stylish as the jacket itself. Quite a simple outfit, but to style it a bit more formal we are just going to wear that suit’s jacket on top of the sweater. The sweater and jeans make sure it’s a comfy fit, and the jacket takes care of the formal identity you want. Perfect for some sort of presentation or a fancy family dinner.

Dress Up Thursday Lexpander

So thats my three ways to style a suit and I hope you’ll be able to implement them into your own little style book. A suit a day, keeps the doctor away. Alright I am kidding, you shouldn’t wear a suit every single day. And it doesn’t keep the doctor away …

Dress Up Thursday suit

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