Europe's biggest vegan restaurant SNCKBR Utrecht at vredenburg


Unfortunately our most favorite Chinese restaurant Paradijs is going to close. However its a los to the city, a new awesome restaurant is opening their doors at that location next year. SNCKBR Utrecht, Europe’s biggest vegan restaurant.

You should have heard the name SNCKBR before, since they have two locations in Amsterdam and one in Eindhoven. These two locations aren’t 100% vegan but are doing one hell of a job. SNCKBR Utrecht will be their first with a full vegan menu. Their will be 110 places to sit which will make SNCKBR Utrecht the biggest vegan Restaurant from Europe.

SNCKBR Utrecht amsterdam featuredSNCKBR in Amsterdam. Foto: Facebookpagina SNCKBR

No ‘Bitterballen’ at SNCKBR Utrecht

Allon Kijl, one of the owners said:”In Amsterdam and Eindhoven their is meat, fish and egg on the menu. These won’t return to Utrecht, this will be 100& vegan.” You would think SNCKBR is frying all their food, but your thoughts are wrong there. You can’t go their for some famous dutch ‘bitterballen’ but you’ll be served vegan steak tartar or a Lentil with mushroom burger combines with some good beer, wine or a cocktail.

SNCKBR Utrecht is opening March 2018 at Vredenburg

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