Sissy Boys' Men Collection brings you reimagined timeless pieces

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The time has come to change your wardrobe essentials with some new fall and winter pieces. Weather is changing and those flip-flops won’t be really comfy once the rains starts to fall down. Sissy boy Men collection comes with new classics this winter to keep your wardrobe timeless and functional. Since many individuals are moving away from major fast fashion chains Sissy Boy men might be your place to shop next. Although it might be a bit less wallet friendly, the quality is much more worth the money.

Sissy Boy Men Collection FW 2017 Sissy Boy Men Collection FW 2017

The Collection

In this collection, which is pretty small, you’ll find the reimagined timeless wardrobe pieces you can actually combine with anything any time. Ankle cut cotton trousers, stripes and checkered shirts, and long coats for rainy weather. Since color palettes change during seasons the new Sissy boy men collection features a few more warmer colors and darker tones. Big plus, these colors match perfectly within the autumn color frames on Instagram. Looking for simple, timeless, yet functional pieces to add to your closet this autumn and winter, the Sissy Boy Men Collection is your place to shop.


Sissy Boy Men Collection FW 2017


Next to the classic pieces in the fall winter closet, Sissy Boy continuously updates their interior collection. Days of Homeland is the name of their newest additions to their collection and have been divided into three ‘styles’.

City chic, which will contain the more warmer colors like Brown, yellow, gold and red. Creating an urban city vibe with the warmth of home.

Nordic Comfort, the place where the cold colors of the color wheel combine into a cosy homey place. Expect to find oceanic colors, light pink and a variety of glass, black and grey accessories.

Bold Botanics, is where floral/animal prints come alive troughout the living room. In my opinion it is creating some sort of ‘Gucci-vibe’ due to the prints they use. If you are into nature and want create a jungle feeling at your house this is definitely your collection to look at!

Interior Sissy Boy Men Collection FW 2017

Interior Sissy Boy Men Collection FW 2017

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