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When it comes to inspiration, you just can not avoid running out every once in a while. Off course that’s no problem at all and everybody runs out from time to time. But be creative a try to get out of that ‘single minded’ thinking directions you are in, you are in need of new inspiration and a new perspective on the thing you are working on which my favorite apps will do. For me it’s not really a problem to deal with these situations and I have my little tricks around it. Since I am studying to become a graphic designer I am dealing with this a lot I figured out some simple apps can help you to get you going again.

Keep in mind, these apps will reduce your productivity and you will have to put your phone away after wards. Not being productive will not help you find inspiration.

Instagram | Free

Of course Instagram, I spent most of the time I spend on my phone on Instagram. Searching for new people with other styles and other cultural influences that are awesome. Getting inspired by other people and their pictures and people that are doing the same as I am.

Behance | Free

This is a by Adobe launched platform to showcase all creatives in all different kind of job disciplines. There is graphic design, typography, photography and much and much more. The best of the best is on there, in all creative job disciplines and it is just satisfying to watch and makes me want to up my game. Looking for inspiration, this is a great app with a lot of variety of work on it.

2048 | Free

Once you have been working on projects and you just stared it death. You have to clear your mind and stop with what you are doing for a moment. So what better than a small game on your phone, or even better a board game. But most of the time that just takes to much time and you don’t have it with you. So 2048 is the perfect game, it’s easy, everybody knows it and in my opinion fun.

Feels | Free

This is actually an app to create opportunities with big brands to collaborate with as an influencers and definitely one of my favorite apps for inspiration. But the people on there are so amazing, they create beautiful content and have the most creative photo’s, outfits etc of them all! Just scrolling to the entries of the people who want to enter a collaboration with brands as Urban Outfitter and Hype is so good. There are professionals on there and they know how to inspire others.


Favorite apps, the inspiring need inspiration

As you probably can read between the lines, it’s all about being inspired by others. What other people make, what other people do and other peoples stories. People do amazing things and there are a lot of people out there that want to inspire you, just as I want to do. There are lots of apps, such as my favorite apps to see the people that want to inspire. And remember even the inspiring need to be inspired by others, almost everything on this planet is made by a human and is there be be inspired by. I hope for you guys to be inspired or get inspired by others 🙂

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