Is this for real? Gucci's €200 sweatbands next level

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It shouldn’t be a surprise anymore when brands turn your everyday items into luxury overpriced unnecessary items with a jacked up price. Yet Gucci has done it again with its own ‘timeless’ Gucci sweatband.

While it is an ’80s inspired sweatband, the €200 accessories featuring a Gucci print, will of course sell out soon. Though many will find the price absurd, the €200 euro Gucci sweatband is on the lower end of the price range for Gucci products. Plenty of people will justify this ridiculously priced item with that reasoning. However what you’re really paying €200 for is a simple polyester/cotton blend Gucci sweatband with “GUCCI” printed on it.

It’s hard to see anyone seriously wearing something this experience but if you’re just going to a light leg day or a quick street run, this sweatband is te ultimate overpriced flex for the gym.

Seriously, I wouldn’t even dare to breath in something like that scared it will be torn apart.

But okay, there are worse accessories to spend a excessive amount on Money on.

Gucci sweatband for €200 Gucci sweatband

Gucci sweatband for €200 Gucci sweatband Gucci sweatband for €200 Gucci sweatband

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