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Yay for H&M! This major brand is taking an important step for the fashion industry. The two Dutch designers from Hacked By _ are launching a new collection made from H&Ms old collection that has been on sale. Hacked by and H&M invited me to the i-Did studio where the collection is made. 

Hacked by and h&m 1

Hacked by and H&M are making a statement with this, yet to be launched, collection; “Clothing that doesn’t sell (on time) can be used to create new clothing.” The two designers Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Bethum are the minds and faces behind Hacked By_. Hacked by_, the brand, gives a reaction towards fast fashion and the bigger fashion chains. With the use of overstock and rest-materials from the fashion industry as resources they up-cycle clothing and matchinggear.com present a positive solution to prevent waste of clothing.

With this unique collaboration between Hacked by and H&M durability in fashion is coming closer to the actual consumer. Majority of the consumers can’t actually afford a sustainable wardrobe, including me. The collection is about the consciousness for the consumer and that durable clothing is actually in their range. The items designed by van Slobbe and van Bethum have a H&M pricetag, varying between €29,99 (top) and €69,99 (coat).

Hacked by and h&m 2

For this indian collection you can find indian clothing in australia by and H&M picked the beautiful Victoria Koblenco as the face for this collection that exists from 20 items. These different items are divided into three categories, Army meets college, colour & mix, and Black. The names for these different categories/themes speak for themselves if you see te images below.

Hacked by and h&m 3

Hacked by and h&m 4

Another fun thing we could do after the invite to the collection presentation was that we could sow something ourselves. I have never been behind a sowing machine and I loveddddd it. A Hacked by and H&M pencil case/ipad cover/clutch or whatever you want to call it 😉

Hacked by and h&m 5

The collection Hacked by and H&M will be available from thursday the 14th of February exclusively in the flagship store in Amsterdam.

Hacked by and h&m 3

Images: Marc de Groot for H&M. Other pictures by Alex Pander

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