Lunch at Miyagi & Jones Utrecht! Serving you ramen and more

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Since a few months poke bowls have been the next big food related hype in Utrecht. Although some of the people in Utrecht haven’t discovered them yet it is already time for the next big trend! Ramen! They have been, after the poke bowl, bigggg in Amsterdam over the past time. And what comes after the biggest city? Right, Utrecht! Miyagi & Jones Utrecht used to do dinner only but opened their doors for lunch last week and is serving you ramen, poke bowls, souls and more!

If you are always looking around for great new places to discover like me you probably heard of Miyagi & Jones Utrecht already. Next to the major cinema Kinepolis and event location Jaarbeurs is where the restaurant is located. The former restaurant at Veemarktplein 42, Borobudur, was a failure and couldn’t get the customers to come in. Miyagi & Jones Utrecht is changing the game with their menu, cocktails, bar and beats and bites.

Miyagi & Jones Utrecht opent voor Lunch Lexpander


Get into the Asian street food and gastro vibes at the restaurant of Miyagi & Jones Utrecht. If you ask me the interior is doing a perfect job and looks perfect. The open kitchen gives you some sort of ‘homey’ feeling and spreads delicious scent of fresh food throughout the restaurant. Also you are able to see the food get prepared, such a massive pieces of Tuna and Salmon for the evening. The back of the restaurant isn’t really ‘bright’ (when it comes to light) but the front makes you forget about it.

Miyagi & Jones Utrecht its terrace isn’t really big but features big tables which is perfect to hang with your friends. Specially on Thursday when they host Beats and Bites! A special night with cheaper special beers and the beats to dance to.

Miyagi & Jones Utrecht opent voor Lunch Lexpander


Although Miyagi & Jones has two menu’s I am only going to talk about the lunch menu. The one I got a taste from and which, if you probably ask really friendly, can be served as diner as well. Featured on the menu are a few dishes in different flavors. Poke bowl, soups, ramen, salads and sandwiches all influences by Asia and a modern twist given by the chefs of Miyagi & Jones Utrecht.

Miyagi & Jones Utrecht opent voor Lunch Lexpander

If you ask me

You all probably want to know about my personal experience on Miyagi & Jones so here it. You road to the restaurant isn’t anything special but will improve in the future due to constructions at the road and station. The places that are already done and look beautiful are on the cinema side which includes a lovely park and a big parking place for your car.

Once arrived at the restaurant you’ll see the small terrace with these good working heaters (mentioning that because I love a good heater) and some big windows in the front of the restaurant. Going through that door will give you vibes from Asia with a hipster twist. Both the bar and kitchen are open and both look like they are actual street food courts.

If you are reserve a table make sure to ask for a table at the window. Those look are in day light which I always prefer, not just for photos but also for energy. I ain’t going to talk about the food because it’s just delicious! However, the staff …

I love to be treated well and the staff of Miyagi & Jones is freaking friendly! They treat you well and will make sure to give you the best experience so you’ll leave with a smile on your face.

Visit Miyagi & Jones Utrecht at Veemarktplein 42

Miyagi & Jones Utrecht opent voor Lunch Lexpander Miyagi & Jones Utrecht opent voor Lunch Lexpander

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