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Everybody gets inspired, everybody just does. By others, nature, male bloggers, vloggers, buildings, cities or whatever, you see somethings and you brain just uses in the future for the things you do. Every time you see delicious food from a restaurant, you get hungry and you are probably inspired to make some food. You see someone dressed outrageous in wild and funky colors? Probably think that it is a little to much and how about you will never wear it. But you keep it in your brains, and you won’t forget it. The next time you are dressing yourself you won’t be so afraid to wear those funky colors, you seen someone else do it and make it work, why wouldn’t it work on you … it inspired you. This post is about male bloggers that inspired me, and hopefully others. I started blogging because I was inspired by others to do something I like. To keep my creativity flowing, now I want to inspire others to do the some.


5 | Gallucks

Male bloggers, Gallucks

Joel McLougnlin is one of the male bloggers from London. He is now blogging for 6 years and is Youtube star, all under the name Gallucks. In 2016 he chose to  work full time on his blog and Youtube to make the best out of it. I don’t know many male bloggers with a style he has and I admirer him for it. He has this street style kinda style with beautiful aesthetic photo with a grayish finish. Fun fact, he started out as a blogger because he got inspired by other bloggers such as Katelovesme and Style Bubble.

4 | TrendStyled

Male Bloggers

By Saul Rasco, a male blogger in the niche of fashion and lifestyle. He posts blogs about grooming, fashion, travel and even design to keep his readers interesting. A Texas born which has moved to New York city to work there as a blogger. To  inspire others by providing daily inspirations from his experiences and busy city life. If he is not busy with fashion he is traveling the globe to provide us with a serie of travel inspiration. He even has his own hashtag #WheredSaulGo

3 | Bloggers boyfriend

Male bloggers, Kurt

An Australian based freelance photographer, Social media strategist named Kurt. He is one of Australia’s finest male bloggers and uses his blog to share his luxury bachelor styled travel and fashion photography. All of his photo’s are just so perfectly styled, edited and made that it makes me jealous. He often works together with Jiawa from ‘Beige renegade’ which is one of my inspirations when it comes to female bloggers. I don’t know, but his work is just a fine piece of art if you ask me.

2 | Scout sixteen

Male Bloggers, scout sixteen

Justin Livingston is one of the New York based male bloggers. He writes about food, travel, lifestyle and fashion on his blog ‘Scout Sixteen’. He claims to have an original voice and unique perspective and uses it to create a forest of inspiration and daily inspiration. My opinion? Yes he has, and he made his job from it. He is a freelance travel and fashion writer, and got his passion from the place he was born. He spends his days scouting new inspirational places to keep his readers updated whenever he can.


Male bloggers, adam

IAMGALLA is coming from Adam Gallagher and is probably one of the biggest male bloggers out there … and if he isn’t he is the one I secretly have a crush on. He fills his blog with upcoming trends, style tips and style/fashion inspiration from else where. The entire empire he has build around IAMGALLA started around 2010 and has now grown out to be big, real big. His photography and style a definitely one of my favorite next to Bloggers boyfriend, and a true inspiration from the future. The business he has build around himself is just truly inspiring and it takes a smart and ambitious person to grow something like that.

Male bloggers | what about females?

There is a big contrast between male bloggers and female bloggers these days. There are just soooooo many female bloggers that I don’t really know which ones to follow anymore. Male bloggers nowadays are much more upcoming, in my opinion, much more original. Still tho, female are fucking queens in this business and rule the online world of blogging.

I hope you likes this post and realize, just like I did, that this is a blogpost with handsome men <3 Let me know who you inspiration is!

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