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You are 3 months deep in someones feed and you accidentally like a photo. ‘Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit; is probably what is crossing your mind. Deleting the like, burning your phone, changing your name and moving countries is probably the best idea. And I agree, I feel like such a dickhead when that happens … and it happens to me a lot haha. For gods sake it’s Monday and there is a Man Monday online on my blog! Every Monday you’ll find the most hottest and cutest guys on Instagram over on this blog in the Man Monday blogposts. Oh, no worries on liking pictures from ages ago … they are probably used to it!

1 | Andre Hamman

Andre is a model from Germany with, in my opinion, the perfect body. Modeling for brands like Calvin Klein and Hugo boss he also started his own clothing brand named Haze and Glory. Despite hes only 29 years old he has build a fascinating follow amount around him and hes super cute dog ‘Duplo’. With over 1 million followers on Instagram and a killer body (read – get in my bed right now body) he is Man Monday number 1!

Man Monday Man Monday

2 | Bart van Maanen

Probably the best paid male model from the Netherlands and owner of Pop Up fitness. Unfortunately this man is already taken by a beautiful girl which he started his own pop up fitness thing with. He’s traveling the world as a model and has been doing gigs for brands like Vera Wang and and G star Raw. Not to mention his cute smile and definitely number 2 on my Man Monday list of today!

Man Monday Man Monday

3 | Kevin Lütolf

Also a model just as the two hotties above, but represented by 12 model agencies around the world I bet his wallet is as big as his …. (fill in the black). He posts travel photo’s mostly featuring himself and his body (L). Next to the travel and model photo’s there is not much to find about this hottie.

Man Monday Man Monday


4 | Christopher Mason

If you watch every videoclip from Selena Gomez you probably know him. He’s the star in one of Selena’s songs ‘Can’t keep my hands to myself’ which isn’t the only video clip he stars in. Demi Levato leashed him earlier in 2009 for hes video clip ‘Here we go again’. Next to these big celebrity videoclips hes a model and own a daughter. Music, design and photography are things hes into next to his modeling career.

Man Monday Man Monday

5 | Kyle Krieger

Hair stylist, social media star, former drug abuser and youtuber Kyle J Krieger definitely belongs in my Man Monday list. He hangs out with people like Alaska from RuPaul’s Drag race and Tyler Oakley. With a Nutrition and Dietetics degree in his pocket he choose to be creative and is now applying to filmschool to up his Youtube game. His arm tattoo has been tho most populair photo on Pinterest for 3 years which gave him a lot of publicity. Altho his voice is kinda funny it also makes him even more cute, but his body tho. Gimme that

Man Monday Man Monday

6 | Benny P

Actually Kyle’s old flatmate and good friend, Benny has his own Youtube channel and is also amazingly populair on Instagram. Well, not really weird with a that face and the attitude like he just walked out of RuPauls Drag race. From Los Angeles where he is busy being artistic within the photography sector. Kind of the same style as Kyle because they lived together for year!

Man Monday Man Monday


7 | Aaron Rhodes

Okay … it ain’t gonna get any cuter than Aaron Rhodes! Youtube star who came out of the closet in a youtube video in January 2015 with his brother. Next to his youtube carreer he is also a singer and got casted as Rodger on the first season of Scream Queens. On his Youtube channel ‘TheRhodesBrothers’ he collaborates with his just as cute brother Austin Rhodes. Both moved Los Angeles after Aaron stopped studying at the Ohio State University to start his own career.

Man Monday Man Monday

That’s Man Monday for this week, make sure to come back every week to enjoy your weekly Monday eye candy. Oh, and of course my other blogposts … men are cute tho.

By Alex Pander

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