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Monday’s can be hard, specially after a rough weekend with lots of drinks. All that shitty alcohol takes some time to leave and your body works hard for you to do that. Next to that, you went to bed late and woke up even alter … your whole sleep cycle crashed and thats what you feel on Monday. The need for a pillow underneath your head and the urge to sleep is there while you are at work/school/somewhere else. If you have a Monday off, good for you, extra time to embrace this week Man Monday!

But because we hate Monday’s, I am making every Monday a Man Monday. Every week a new list, new eye-candy and new hotties to make you forget about that Monday.

1 | Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

Jeffrey Bowyer! Jeffrey bowyer! Jeffrey Bowyer! He recently starred in the hit serie’s RuPauls Drag Race as a guest judge and we all melted! Well … I did! This dreamy eyes and the well worn smile he has make him my number 1 on my Man Monday list! Next to being a guest judge hes also an actor and lives in New York!

Man Monday Man Monday

2 | Nicolas Simoes

Another model? yeah another model! This is Nicolas, a 27 seven year old French model with his own photography blog. Because he started modeling 5 years ago he has already seen most of the world and started doing photography. Inspired by the different lighting int he world and the places he goes to he also mixed it up to a style blog. Where he writes about life as a model, grooming, fashion and styling. With the beard and the glasses definitely my number 1 Man Monday hunk for this week.

Man Monday Man Monday

3 | Cole Sprouse

You probably know Cole from the super populair children’s serie: ‘The Sweet life of Zack and Cody’ where he starred in on a younger age. But little boys grow older just as we do. After ending the the previously named serie he is now casted for the role of Jughead in the major populair serie Riverdale. But next to that he developed a great eye for photo’s and has become a photographer as well. Definitely a boy for my Man Monday list.

Man Monday Man Monday

4 | Raphaël Spezzotto-Simacourb 

This cutie is from French and is next to being a blogger a Brand builder at Google. Which means heisn’t just cute but also has a pair of brains! On his Instagram you’ll find photo’s of him in the latest fashion items but also from architecture and nature. A beard for me always a big plus, so definitely a Man Monday crush!

Man Monday Man Monday

5 | Tommy Hey

I don’t know why there are so many handsome Germans, but this is another one in my Man Monday list. Tommy is a 22 year old model but also plays the drums in the band Desasterkids. Covered in tattoo, you gotta like it, and some great abs he poses on his Instagram. Not only in Germany by the way, he travels as well and has just visited Hollywood. Although a beard would be looking great on him, he just as hot without!


Man MondayMan Monday

6 | Brian Morr

A Men’s fashion and lifestyle bloggers just like me. With ironical captions underneath his photo’s he is quite funny from time to time. Being in Manhattan leaves him to be around great photographers all the time, which you can see on his Instagram. He doesn’t have a sick pack and doesn’t share a lot of shirtless photo’s but his face is fine by me. Altho he doesn’t post many shirtless photo’s he is the proud owner of a hairy chest and and loves to travel. And it might looks like hes around photographers all the time, he is a photographer himself and tells he is self-thought in interviews.


Man monday Man monday


Thats Man Monday for this week, next week there will be 5 male hottie couples for you to get over you Monday depressions. 

Should I hashtag this thing with #ManMonday or #ManMondayWithLexpander? I don’t tell me what you think about it!

Man Monday

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