Man Monday #4 | 6x Sexiest guys from Instagram

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Its Monday, I’m still recovering from the weekend parties and decided to spend the day in bed with some movies. But hey! There ain’t no Monday without a Man Monday to brighten up you day. #ManMonday to keep you from dying over the dude you didn’t score this weekend and to keep you day dreaming throughout the day. This weeks Man Monday IV features a fresh list with fresh faces and fresh meat to admirer. (Click their names for their Instagram)

1 | Ivan Hristozov

To kick this weeks Man Monday off we have Ivan. Next tok playing in 2 movies, which weren’t really a succes, he is signed by some major Model agencies from all over the world. His Instagram is filled with shots of him, half-naked, shirtless, just underwear and clothed. If you ask me, PNTLA (Pretty Nice To Look At).

Man Monday IV Man Monday IV

2 | Dusty Williams Lachowicz

Although his name Dusty sounds like he’s some sort of cute small boy he definitely isn’t. He’s HUNK number 2 from this Man Monday IV and deserves to be in the top three this week. He love reading and posts photo’s with book from time to time. These might be fun to look at, his shirtless photo’s are of course WAYYYY more fun to look at. Packed with a sick pack and a cute smile he looks like dateable material!

Man Monday IV Man Monday IV

3 | Kim Willecke

I have been following this cutie for years now and I have no regrets! Hes based in NYC where he works as a creative director, show director, choreographer, dancer and model. Looks like this one has some brains and knows how to use his body, interesting case 😉

Man Monday IV Man Monday IV

4 | Keegan Whicker

A little les beard than the previous ones but still as cute as the Man Monday list should be! A 24 year old industrial engineer which happens to write a book. Some websites claim hes the best looking man on Instagram, which he comes by really close if you ask me. I don’t know anything about Engineering but he may sure teach me!

man Monday IV man Monday IV

5 | Jeffim

His real name is a mistery, but Jeffim will do. On weekdays Jeffim is a cancer scientist and he defines himself a speedo aficionado on weekends. See his Instagram by clicking on his name to see why he defines himself like that. Lots of speedo’s and muscles, although he looks lik a serious man on his other photo’s. He owns a cat and is a friend of Man Monday number 3 Kim Willecke.

Man Monday IV Man Monday IV

6 | Taylor James Phillips

Taylor is a new face model and hasn’t been in the modeling business for a long time. Although hes a model, he also claims to be an actor. I can’t find any proof of that on the worldwide web, but he … you shouldn’t believe everything thats on the internet, or not. nevertheless hes super cute and definitely should be on my Man Monday IV.

Man monday IV Man monday IV

Thats Man Monday IV for this week! Make sure to check out all my Man Monday lists, the latest fashion news and more on the rest of my website! <3

Man monday IV

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