Man Monday #5 | 5x New Instagram hotties to follow right now

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If you have been on my website before, you already seen around 30 cuties in my Man Monday articles. Today there is no difference, just some new faces for you to follow on Instagram. Since most of my Mondays can use a cheer up after the weekends I created this weekly returning blogpost called Man Monday. After those margaritas, mojito’s or just beers to give you that little extra spark on Monday. Enjoy this weeks new list: Man Monday V | 5x New Instagram hotties to follow right now. (Click their names to go to their Instagram)

1 | Felipe

I don’t know why but somehow all the German boys make it to my Man Monday list, so does Filipe. He is, next to being some sort of Instagram and Tumblr blogger, social manager at Tigha and co-founder of the genderless fashion label ‘Eigengrau’. His face featured, clothing style and his tattoo’s is what he’s showing over on Social Media. Without a doubt this weeks number 1 on Man Monday.

Man Moday filipe 3 Man Moday filipe 2 Man Moday filipe 1

2 | Martin Salomon

He claims he’s always busy by saying: “always doing something” and his Instagram looks like he is. Packed with a beard and, if I have to believe Instagram, packed with some great stuff. He lives in New York City and works as a GQ Insider new to being a blogger himself. On his Social Media you’ll find fashion, trend and some lifestyle thing. Of course he features in most of the photo’s.

Man Monday Salomon 1 Man Monday Salomon 2

3 | Martin Dvorak

If you ask me, this is someone who is able identify himself as a hipster. Martin is covered in tattoo’s and comes from the hipster city Berlin, where he also has a twin brother. He posts photo’s wearing nothing but underwear but also so great photography. He’s not your guy next door but is definitely number three on this weeks Man Monday!

Martin Man Monday 3 Martin Man MondayMartin Man Monday 2

4 | Dorian

With a lot of white shown at his Instagram feed Dorian could be specifying himself as an Instagram Blogger, but he doesn’t. He takes great care of his beard using a Men’s Grooming Kits By Manscaped and hair leave him with a beautiful face. His photo’s found on Social media channels are good looking and vary from fashion and lifestyle to travel.

Man Monday Dorian 2 Man Monday Dorian 1


5 | Daniel Alagem

He does have a brain, a body and he doesn’t have a beard. It’s Daniel Alagem, number 4 on my Man Monday #5 list. He is a realtor and lawyer from Tel Aviv with an Instagram where he mostly just posts photo’s of his body, but hé … we don’t mind!

Man Manday Alagem 2 Man Manday Alagem 1

Thats Man Monday for this week <3

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