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Oh god, it is already febuary and seriously …. everytime I see the sun a big smile will appear on my face. The warm hugs your face receives from the sun are just to die for! Don’t get me wrong, it is still freezing cold almsot every day but those rays of sun just light me up. It means Spring is coming and I am just waiting for the flowers to grow and the greens to appear in the wood. If you ask me, Spring and Summer are equal to happiness … oh and sweaty people.

In this weeks outfit post I ended up on a roof with a construction sight in the back. Perfect to showcase some menswear, and specially with the ice covered rooftop! With not even a single complain about the cold me and my friend shot a cool serie of photo’s from this outfit.

Menswear from top to bottom

Cap: Aux prive
Jacket: The Sting
Blouse: Vintage
Shirt : At Nyte
Jeans: Chasin
Socks: Primark
Shoes: Dr Martens

Alex Pander Alex Pander

The outfit

I am wearing my favorite shoes, like almost every time, Dr Martens. Combined with some crazy socks which really pop out because they are different colors. Don’t be afraid to wear something that is not usually worn and is an eye catcher. This will make menswear in general much more fun, and it will pop out of the crowd a lot more! On top of that I am wearing a jeans from Chasin, which I unfortunately ripped but gives it just a little but more. And the thing I like about it is that it is actually made from recycled marine corps clothing. As upper wear I am wearing a simple black shirt with my favorite vintage blouse, that you have probably seen before since I am wearing it a lot. Can’t go out with a jacket, so I am wearing a black ‘coat’ from the Sting which is warmer that it actually looks. And to top it of, I am showing you both a cap and a bandana which both work.

 So, thats my outfit post for this week. I hope you liked it, and if so … beneath you will 4 pictures of other outfit posts you might be interested in. What are your thoughts on this outfit and the atmosphere of the photo’s, let me know in a comment <3

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