My Barcelona outfits

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Waking up in Barcelona to the sounds of the busy street and the heat from the sun. Waking up in a beautiful Airbnb with great light and I gotta say, a pretty good air conditioning.

Laying at the beach all ay and being a tourist when it comes to the city. It’s not something you do everyday, and it’s something to enjoy.

But he, I’m not Alex if I’m not trying to dress well over here. So I gave my mom some “how-to-make-photo’s-of-my-son-that-are-blog-and-instagram-worthy”-lessons. And I gotta say, she’s doing a pretty good job!


Outfit 1

Im always a little bit nervous when boarding a plane.
Wearing my super comfortable Asos trousers with my vintage blouse from my other blogpost. And you see them everywhere on my Instagram, my beloved Dr martens <3 topped of with this super cheap Leather satchel bag I got from Accessoryo and hat from Zara.


Outfit 2

Day 1, exploring the city like real tourists.
I am wearing a discount black tee from a local store, combined with shorts from Pull & Bear. And of course my dr martens with Ace & tate sunnies.



Outfit 3

Day 2, Can’t go to Barcelona without visiting Barcelona beach!
A simple white tee from Bershka combined with an acient old swim shorts from when I was 15. The simple blue cap is from Flying tiger and only costs 3 Euro’s . Oh and dont forget my blue glitter socks in the Docs.

IMG_3315 IMG_3288 IMG_3225

Outfit 4

Still day 2, After being at the beach all day we went into the city to get some good dinner, unfortunately short aren’t appropiate there.
Another simple white t-shirt which I got from a local discount shop from home with a black skinny from Mango for Men and the vintage blouse. Oh and forget about the high Dr Martens, I’m also married to these cute fuckers from Dr Martens ( <3 ) with the white anckle socks from Aussiebum.

IMG_3316 IMG_3265



So if you follow me on Instagram you would probably know I wear my Docs almost every day. Here in Barcelona, people actually stare at you if you wear them. Well, sorry but not sorry. There just so comfy! Alright, enough about the Docter <3

So these were my outfits from the first 2 days in Barcelona, and there are some more days to come. Some more time at the beach and some more time in the city. Going to up my tan game some more but most of all, I’m going to enjoy myself here!






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