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Every time I go on a holiday, doesn’t matter if it’s for a few days or more, I keep the energy it gave me to use in my day to day life. When I was in Berlin, I was having the best time with some good old city strolling and a couple of good dinners. By the way, food in Berlin is awesome and super cheap <3 Even tho I am working 5 days a week and training 4 evenings a week, the energy I got form my favorite city is still bursting inside of me.

So this is part two of my Berlin Outfits which only contains 2 outfits. What did I wear during my city trip to Germany and how did I style that. Because this post contains only 2 outfits, there will be a more detailed discription on what I was wearing .

If you haven’t already, check out Part 1 of my Berlin outfit.

Outfit 1, Cultural but classy

You can not visit a city and buy no clothing at all, next to the usual amount of socks that I buy everywhere. Just like you just have to visit some cultural monuments or historical buildings. The Branderburger Tor is just looking so nice with the sun coming through. Don’t be fooled by the way, it was freakishly cold over there.

So I decided to buy a timeless piece this time, it wasn’t cheap but a camel coat never gets old and will never get old fashioned. I would say this is a key piece for any wardrobe and adds a little bit of class to your outfits.

Next to the camel coat which is super classy, I am wearing my usual docs and a black skinny jeans to balance the classy and less classy a little bit. The black skinny jeans is a basic one which I found at Primark for only 13 euro’s. And I keep finding myself wearing these docs way and way to much lately.

Like I said, I wanted to put something on to balance the chic look of the jacket. A Fjall raven Kanken backpack, which every damn hipster owns right now and a simple black cap which is put on backwards.

So overall, creating a look where I am balancing the chic look of the jacket with some street style elements like a backpack and Dr Martens is what I was going for. Combining this with white sneakers would also be a nice twist, but a little but to cold if you ask me.

Outfit 2, Simpy elements of red

Second and last look of my Berlin outfit posts (previous one) was shot and filmed in really really cold weather and without a jacket. The movie will be online soon on the Coffee Combo youtube channel. I wanted to put down an outfit without a jacket to show you whats underneath it. A jacket looks nice and could add goof features to your outfit, but you just don’t see the outfit beneath it. So I took of my jacket to create photo’s at this cool historical building. Keeping in mind what which outfit would fit good underneath the architecture.

With a red hunter jacket and red beanie on top of a quite simple outfit this would stand out in such a bold colosal inspiring building. I would say a ripped jeans with a white print t-shit would always be a nice combination, specially with an oversized shirt and rolled up trousers.

Adding red elements such as the jacket and beanie would fit great in a wardrobe with simple outfits and/or not a lot of color. Red is a color that is aggressive and ‘there’ and also fits black and lots of other colors.

Tell me which outfit you liked the most of the two, and which one inspired you. Can’t wait to get into the bus/plane/car for a new city trip to wander around and explore. If you wan’t to read more about my Berlin city trip, read it here!



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