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You are walking around town, for no reason at all and a brilliant idea just pop’s into your head. With a big smile you continue your city stroll and probably forget you bright moment by the time you got home. It happens to everybody but I got it covered. I’ve got some stuff I carry around with me all the time. My on the go essentials make sure those situations do not appear in my life, and make my life a lot easier.

The daily planner

Some busy days are coming up and your diary just isn’t big enough to put everything in there. Of course you can go out and buy a A4 size dairy … but they are way to big and actually pretty expensive if you want one of your favorite brand. So I went to Urban Outfitters and got this cute little marble daily planner which is super handy when it comes to busy days. (more photo’s below)

The dairy with fountain pen

Most of the people I know either don’t use one or use their phone as an agenda. You would thing a phone addict like me would use my agenda app as well, but I don’t. I swear by writing it down, you will remember it better and it just messes with my head when I use my phone. So I use my simple black leather A5 moleskin dairy and a old school fountain pen cause I like the writing style.

Ipad mini

While I am a proud owner of an Iphone 6S Plus is still use my Ipad mini to stay up to date with the blogs and social media channels I follow. It also comes in handy as a second agenda, which I make sure to update everyday.


Of course music is a big enhancement for every travel you make. On a bike? Just listen to Star Wars music to make everything feel like a mission. In the train? Listen to happy music to let the arguing couple on the left look funny. Music could totally change the feeling of the moment you are in, or enhance it. With these Urban Ear Bluetooth headphones the music will do you good.


Of course my macbook is an of the essentials, everything is on there! although it is an old one and I am totally in need of a new one, it still works fine.

A powerbank

If you are as addicted to your phone as I am a powerbank will come in handy, just to make sure to have enough power to snap that one last perfect picture or just to have some battery left on you travel home. And yes, I got a very handsome dude as my background.


Other from the diary and ipad usage, I do only use my phone as a notebook. This way the idea’s that pop up In my head will be organized and always in my hand.

Coffee cup

It’s not something I take from home, but whenever I go somewhere I make sure to stop by a coffee shop to get a delicious coffee. Usually I order a big cappuccino with an extra shot to start my journey.

Little sudoku book

Even when I am packed with all of the above, after a day of work I just need my moment of rest. Most of my days begin with my full time Internship and after that I will head straight to the dance studios. So taking my moment of rest in the train, listening to music and making these puzzles do me good.


Where do I put essentials on the go?

I own a few bags but I only got two favorite ones. A black leather satchel bag and the Fjallraven kanken bag.

Well, these are the essentials for me to keep on going and staying organised. There are some more small things like chargers and a powerbank, but I though it wasn’t really interesting.

So what are you on the go essentials, just leave it in the comments below. Maybe I can add some things to my list.

X, Alex

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