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Every now and then a trip to the beach is necessary to empty the mind. Just think about nothing, read a book and splash in the water which is just a bit cold. Dry in the sun and enjoy the smile on other peoples faces. Altho I seriously hate the sand at a beach it is some sort of experience to go there. The sun, the sand, the water and te fresh air is what makes the beach the beach. The game of finding the perfect spot without any crying kids near and the game to act like you are already super tanned, but you burned as hell. Today’s post is dedicated to the outfit I wore to the beach, simple yet functional!

Wearing from top to bottom

Cap – VonDutch
Shirt – Bershka
Shorts – Zeeman
Socks – Living Royal
Shoes – Dr Martens
Bag – De Dakhaas

A cap to keep your face from burning and to be able to not wear sunglasses. I don’t know it is is just me or everybody, but sometimes I just hate sunglasses. They get itchy and when you tan you’ll find white spots on your face due to the glasses. A simple wide white tee which is easy to take off and put on when you’re on the beach. Not a new one so it doesn’t matter if it gets wet by sea water. Underneath you’ll find swim shorts which makes it easy if you go to the beach or pool, no need to change clothing in one of the small changing rooms or to wal around naked for a second. I know not everybody is going to agree with me on the shoes but I actually love wearing these to the beach. They are high enough so there won’t be any sand that’s getting in. No problems with burning the downside of your feet and easy to put on or take off.

One of the american made tote bags which keeps you from having a wet sweaty back and is easy to handle, even with your towel.

Off to the Beach | Lexpander Off to the Beach | LexpanderOff to the Beach | Lexpander Off to the Beach | Lexpander

Thats my Off to the Beach outfit for today, don’t forget to check out my other posts.
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