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Some might say Utrecht is the next Amsterdam. The city is getting expanded, new shops are opening every week and pop-up stores are more present than ever. Although Utrecht is good for shopping you shouldn’t forget about the food! We’ve got some places here you’ll be wanting to visit regularly, some you want to avoid and some you should be visiting just to get a taste of the vibe. This is a list with 5 ‘restaurants’ that are opening soon in Utrecht.

1 | Brasserie ‘t Zusje

't zusje Opening soon in Utrecht

Opening the 25th of August
Oudegracht 2, 3511 AM

When you’re familiar with the concept of ‘t Zusje you know you want to go there. ‘t Zusje has over 15 restaurants for you to go but the one in Utrecht is yet to be opened. It’s a great place to go with friends for a chitchat over some food or to have a good glass of wine. ‘T Zusje claims to give you a exuberant vibe if you visit one of their restaurants and only pay 1 price to taste everything. My only worry about the place is the all-you-can-eat concept which gives a restaurant a ‘rushed’ feeling when visited.

2 | The Barn Food

the barn Opening soon in Utrecht

Opening this August
New Hoog Catharijne

The world is moving on, what used to be fries and hamburger is turning into healthy choices now. Healthy food, or healthy fast food, has become more and more present in every city. The Barn food is opening their doors this August and offers 100% biological food which aims to be healthy and fast. Next to their restaurant in Amsterdam Zuidas this is their second establishment but are wanting to expand fast. Because of their biological concepts the owner and creator of the concept got nominated for the Horecava Innovation Awards this year. If you’re looking for fast food but don’t want to make unhealthy choices, the Barn is the place to go.

3 | Fico Urban Italian

Fico Urban Italian Opening soon in Utrecht

Opening October 2017
Veilinghavenkade 14, 3521 AK

Every restaurant needs to expand from time to time. WT Urban kitchen, which is placed on top of the Watertower in Utrecht, is opening a new venue. Fico Urban Italian is the place where you’ll be invited to eat a gastronomic 4-, 5- or 6-course menu with an Italian vibe. Although you would expect to eat pizza and pasta in an Italian restaurant, Fico is taking it to a higher level. All he dishes and courses are ‘inspired from the pureness of Italy’ and you’ll be seeing that vibe all over the soon to be openend Restaurant.

4 | Danel

Danel vredenburg Opening soon in Utrecht

Opening September 2017
Vredenburgkade 11

Tivoli already has its place where ‘working people’ come often to chill, drink a beer or to meet for a business appointment. Danel will be on the other side of the building and features French food, old classics but also modern dishes. The restaurant won’t be a small one and will have place for over 350 people. Costumers will be able to mix and match their dishes to their liking with a good glass of wine. The interior isn’t finished yet but the restaurant will feature a big open kitchen and matching Chef’s tables.

5 | A&J Bakery

A&J Bakery Opening soon in Utrecht

Opening August 22th
Amsterdamsestraatweg 116

I hope you are just as excited about bread as me this is the place to go that is opening soon in Utrecht. There is nothing more delicious than the scent of fresh baked bread an well grinder coffee beans. This month A&J Bakery, named after the owners daughters Adele & Janine, will open their doors to realize their dream. Because the owner is known in the Bakery scene they will be working closely with friends and set up pop-up collaborations. For example, this september his pizza baker friend from Rome will fly in to sell Italian street food. Besides the bread and pastry you’ll welcomed for a good cup of coffee or juices.

6 | The Fish Market

The Fish Market Opening soon in Utrecht

Opening November 2017
Schoutenstraat 17

If you like fish, this is the place to go when it opens. After it’s succes in Rotterdam, where they have their first location, they are now opening on the Schoutenstraat. The menu will cover most of the sea food cravings you have with a variety of Fruit de mer Platters, fish & chips and bread. They only work with sustainable and fresh ingredients. I hope I am not the only one who’s excited about this opening!

7 | Het Leuke Zusje

Het Leuke Zusje Opening soon in Utrecht

Opening unknown
Donkere Gaard 2

Although this restaurant has it’s ‘opening soon’ signs out now for over 1,5 year, they are opening … sooner or later. They claim to become a restaurant that Utrecht really needs, a place to go for a quick meal but to dodge the fast food. It will offer Tapas, lunch and of course drinks, some sort of quick shared dinner is what I’m expecting. More info about this project will follow.


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