Productivity, Christmas and New Year


Wearing from top to bottom
Jacket – Pepe jeans
Sweater – The sting
Jeans – Zara
Shoes – Dr Martens

So Christmas is over and new year is already in front of the door. My New Years productivity resolutions list popped up below just like everybodys Christmas presents are unwrapped. Everybody got fat by the Christmas food and the gym is overflown with people who are getting back in shape. Totally bullshit if you ask me, just make sure you eat healthy with Christmas instead of all that food with lots of fat. For me Christmas days are just as all the other days, busy. Going to family and friends to make them feel good with Christmas, for me it has become a ‘must’ and I do not really enjoy it anymore.


There are plenty of days in the year, 365 to be specific, to meet with family and friends. However it seems like not everybody is able or doesn’t want to make time to get together, so they use Christmas as an excuse. “it’s Christmas, we must meet to feel that happy feeling that is supposed to be around with Christmas”. Exactly that, ‘supposed to be around with Christmas’. For me this feeling can be there any other day of the year, not those 2 days with a tree with balls in the house. And by the way it’s way to cold to go outside and travel 2 hours to your family.

However I feel like Christmas has become an devoir, I do like the presents tho. They say “If you love them, spoil them”, and thats exactly what my mom did. This blog post is made with my new MacBook which I got yesterday. I am a huge Apple fan boy and I own almost everything Apple has made, but sometimes it’s time to upgrade what you got. My late 2008 MacBook just didn’t do what it was supposed to anymore. But this new beauty, omygod, I am just madly in love with it.


The post title says productivity, and thats exactly what I got for Christmas. It’s been a busy year and their is a lot more coming up next year, so with an old MacBook that didn’t work that well anymore I wouldn’t have come far. With the apps for inspiration from my latest blogpost on this beauty I will make sure to be more on the world wide web as I was before. I know there will come a time where I just can’t go without a good working laptop and I think that time has come near.

New Years productivity

New year is only a few days away I set some goals for myself. Over the past few months I have learned to put goals for yourself to aim higher and reach the highest. Not only to reach he hijstest, but I have learned that by putting goals for yourself you will be able to be more productive. There is something you will work for and you are dying to get there, without a goal your are just working without an end. 2017 for me will be all about growing and working harder and harder to gain what I have put as a goal for myself. These goals are focussed on blogging and social media.

  • Grow Instagram up to 70k to 100k followers
  • Grow my blog with 2 blogposts a week
  • Start vlogging more (more about this in my last blogpost)
  • Grow Facebook page to 1000 likes
  • Grow twitter more, I need to learn all the ins and outs of this Social media this year.

These goals are set for me to work harder and harder and create time to do that. Next to dancing, school and internship it is sometimes hard to find time and create content. I am just dedicated to grow and to aim for the highest and the best.

New Years Party

I live in a house with 4 other people and we are all in for a good party. Why pay for tickets that are to expensive when you can throw an epic house party and celebrate the year? We decided to throw the epic house party with a Gold and Light Pink theme. This week we will make sure to decorate the house to make his studenthouse a party palace in every corner. Next week you will be able to find blogpost about this party with photo’s or drunk people <3


Mainly I think Christmas sucks and people should not make Christmas something that everybody must do. If you want to meet me, there are 365 days a year and not just 2 days because “it’s Christmas”. Next to that I got this baby Macbook in front of me to up my productivity game and reach the goals I’ve set for 2017. Well, 2017 from 3th of January … I know for sure I will be death the first 2 days because of the house party we are throwing!


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