Return of the fanny pack? Paris's most stylish will make you cop one

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A fanny pack? Yes guys, the fanny pack is making a major comeback! In yesterdays article about Birkenstock’s I told you about how they would be making a comeback. However, it’s not just the world famous sandal brand that’s making it’s major comeback. Tourist fashion will be a think for SS18 and the street will be overflown with the whole tourist vibes. And what better to combine with you favorite tourist items? Yes, indeed! A fanny pack!

At Paris Fashion Week Men’s, you can see the the change the fashion has gone through over time. What used to be an event to wear your best suit to is now neglecting the dapper dandy style. Street style has set the tone on the event and is it even hardly new that there’s a distinction between streetwear and luxury fashion now. Altho the times of these traditions had changed, the sartorial trends peddled in Paris prove the remotely traditional codes of streetwear still wear of.

From the ubiquitous presence of the side-bag, to the omnipresence of trending sneaker silhouettes, freely mixed with cult streetwear brands likes Gucci and Balenciaga. Because not only the people change, major brands also change and new ones are growing to fill the gap in the street style adapting market. Combining the three named above is now Ade facto rile of thumb for any discerning style maverick.

But what about the fanny pack? Is it something that should be worn with the so called streetwear or is it just an accessory for people who identify themselves with such thing? I know for a fact a lot of people do not like the fanny pack at all, due to it’s tourist image it has. Nevertheless the tourist image the fanny pack remains to have it has truly become an must have for the real style and fashion aficionado. Images below, shot from style mavericks who visited shows during Paris Fashion Week Men’s, makes you want to cop the fanciest fanny pack out there.

Fanny pack LexpanderFanny pack Lexpander Fanny pack Lexpander Fanny pack Lexpander

Fanny pack Lexpander

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