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Remember my last post? Which told you the summer is screaming for the light colors to come out of your closet … it does. But you do not necessarily have to follow it. Of course there are over a million options to chose from when it comes to your summer outfit. And every morning you should ask yourself the same question: “What am I going to wear today”. Is it gonna be shorts and shirts or maybe just a jeans with a tee?

But please do not just throw something on yourself and call it a day, because every moment is a moment to shine and to get the best out of yourself.

And getting the best out of yourself start with feeling good, and looking good and being well dressed is 50% of this good feeling.

Shorts and shirts from top to bottom

Shirt: AuxPrive
Shorts : Pull&Bear
Bag: Accessoryo
Socks: LivingRoyal
Shoes: DrMartens

Shorts and shirts outfit

Shorts and shirts Lexpander

What I am wearing

So today’s outfit is something different than a traditional shorts and shirts style that you’ll see on a daily base. Those men who are a little but to pumped with the with washed shorts + distressed detail and a strechy white shirt. Something to call Shorts and shirts, but not my style. So for today’s outfit, I wanted to wear something light and fresh, something I had never worn before.

The shirt I am wearing has these white details on it and as seen in the last photo some fancy buttons. Putting it on black shorts makes it match the details on the buttons. The shorts, which are in fact sport shorts, are far away from traditional. The fit is high wasted and the crotch is really low, makes it kind of a fit which was worn way back.

Toppin it all of with my own favorite accessory, socks, giving this outfit the little twist I want. And of course my beloved Dr Martens which will never break #onelove #hashtag

Shorts and shirts Lexpander Shorts and shirts Lexpander Shorts and shirts Lexpander Shorts and shirts Lexpander

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Shorts and shirts Lexpander

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