Sock addicted or not?

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Everybody who knows me, knows I have this thing with socks. Not just the ones with a funky color, but specially the ones with the funky prints. I do think they add something extra to your outfit, and even when their not showing. They are just in your shoes and you are the only one that knows you have some little fishes in there. However I just love to show them as you have probably seen in my Barcelona outfit posts.

So the title of this post says: “Am I a sock addict?” and I just don’t know. Every time I go into the city to get some new clothing I end up with some new pair of socks. So I thought you might say if I’m a sock addict or not, right under the next sentence you wil find a photo of every pair of sock I own. Just leave a comment underneath whether you think I am a sock addict or not.

foto 3 foto2 Foto1foto4

So those were all my socks (except for the black ones), I hope you liked them
and comment if you think I’m a sock addict or not.


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