The Smartwatch, is it really the next great thing?

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Advertisement It’s something that is and will remain a big question. What’s the next great thing? Years and years have past by since mobile phones got introduced, but are we even ready for the next step? New wearables these days are popping up but are falling apart just as fast. The Smartwatch has been around for quite a while now and loads of people copped one. Do we really need another screen te be around? I have been wearing the smartwatch for a week now and made up my opinion which is listed below.

Although it might not look like I do, but I am kind of a tech head. Not all kind of tech but new stuff usually excites me, specially when I can get my hands on them. So did the Smartwatch! Because I wanted to walk around with it for a while for this blogpost, I wanted to get one that’s casual, good looking but also had high performance, I copped the Micheal Kors Bradshaw in black. A good look watch which I could wear with literally anything

What is the smartwatch? in short

For the non-techheads here, a comprehensive guide can be found on, but in short, the smartwatch looks like a normal watch but really isn’t. For many years we have been walking around with digital watches from brands like Casio and Adidas, but the smartwatch takes it a bit further. Of course the time and date are on it, like any regular watch would show you, but it works simultaneously with your phone. Due to bluetooth connection all the notification you’ll receive on your phone appear on your wrist, which makes it easy for you to keep up with your socials, emails and friends. Little games can be played, internet can be accessed and it can be used for things like a camera shutter.

The smartwatch Micheal Kors Bradshaw Coolblue

Day one

The excitement you get when the doorbell rings and the mailman is there has never been bigger, the smartwatch had arrived. I think I opened the box in less than seconds to get a glimpse of my new little toy. The toy that would be on my wrist for a longgggg time, and which would help me with keeping up to my always neglected phone notifications. I opened the package got my hand on the beautiful device and turned it on. Like any other I didn’t even mind the manual inside the box and started from scratch.

You know that feeling you would get when you got a new phone 8 years ago? The new ringtones, games, music, apps and much more where there to be explored! Every time I get a new phone I am hoping to get the slightest of that feeling back but turns out to be a bummer every time. Although I didn’t expect it to be this way I totally felt buzzing, like I felt back then, discovering the Micheal Kors Bradshaw. I felt like my 14 year old self, discovering the way my new phone texted and felt like, played with the thing for the rest of the evening.

Day two

Waking up around 10AM in the morning to a shit load of messages from friends, Instagram and the usual notifications. Usually it takes me around half an hour to see what happend last night and wether respond or not to messages. Figured out by playing with it all night long the smartwatch would be a great tool with this. Instead of going for my phone I reached out to the Smartwatch, which turned out not be the biggest succes. Unfortunately the watch got disconnected from my phone and there were no messages on their at all. With a simple click on the smartwatch it should be back at connection to my phone but turned out not to be. Took my time to get through my socials on my phone and then got back to the watch. Looked like it was going it’s own way, wouldn’t want to connect. After doing some research on the internet the best solution was to reset it and pair it all over again.

Bit of bummer if you ask me … seeing the things we can do with technology nowadays and keeping a Smartwatch connected is still hard?

Due to some appointments I got myself into a hurry to get on time for my meetings. Leaving the Micheal Kors Bradshaw at home to see what I could fix on it in the evening. Wether to see it would be connect and would be a useful tool or to find out Android and Apple are still making digital war.

Turned out I wasn’t able to connect, pair or anything … was this me being a tech-snob or what? I think I can say I have a bit more than basic knowledge about stuff like phones, laptops and in this case smartwatches. After all, all devices work the same.

The smartwatch Micheal Kors Bradshaw Coolblue

Day three

Forgetting about the past day I woke up with some good intentions to get the most out of the watch. No idea what went so wrong the day before but surprisingly it all worked fine like day one, after resetting and setting it up al over again. Of course it’s day three and I hadn’t really used the watch yet, only to play with it on the first day. Wast this the day I would be sold to the wearable? Or would it disappoint me?

Since I am basically always busy with both my blog and Instagram the watch is a truly helpful accessory. I am someone that’s get distracted quite quickly, by my phone, a bird, dust, a wall etc etc etc. The watch took care of the fact I wouldn’t be distracted by my phone, the notification came in and were easy to look at without having to unlock my phone. With – literally – the flick of my wrist I can decide to reply or to leave it what it is. Like I said I am always busy online, wether this is on my laptop or phone, the productivity flow wearing the watch went up like crazy. The constant distraction from my phone is gone and the work which usually takes up 2 hours was done in les than 90 minutes.

Hell yeah I was happy with the smartwatch!

Later that day I went to drink something with my friends, cause he … who turns down drinks? For some reason my friends got just as excited as I got on the first day seeing such a watch. Although I didn’t really like giving it away, just like my phone … it’s something personal and don’t like it it in someone else’s hand. #NothingPersonal

Nevertheless I gave them the fun I had the first day. Just as excited I was about the smartwatch they were and I could tell it felt like unboxing a new phone some years ago. After a while I got it, several new useless apps were installed, the watch design got changed and serval other workout things got on there. Cause well, thats some of the stuff you can do with it.

Day four

Andddddd we are back at the not connecting thingy and I have to reset it all again. three times today before it worked properly again. I am still wondering how we can shoot something into space with people in there but connecting a phone and watch with bluetooth is hard? But nevertheless, after half an hour I was up and running to get some work done without a distracting phone.

Went to go to the supermarket for some groceries shopping, cause I eat hella much #SideNote. Finding out the healthy fit things on the smartwatch we’re counting my steps. I don’t know but I am not really the person who goes for a run and counts his steps to stay healthy. Although I am not such a person, due to the fact your steps were continuously on your wrist you get kinda confronted but the fact your a lazy. For some reason it stayed in my head and put the goal of 10.000 steps a day into the watch. Which turns out to be hard to get every day, cause some days I barely made it 4000. But he! There is. a start right?

This is something you all probably don’t know about me, but I like to to draw. I used to draw when I was traveling by train, which was 5 days a week fro at least one hour. Sometimes I need some peace in my head and I head back to my sketch book to get it all out. Yes, drawing is a time consuming thing but works good to empty the mind. Usually I leave my phone behind and people get mad because I text back a few hours later to their ‘important’ questions. Well, the smartwatch is sort of a distraction at this time but also handy when it comes to important thing. Such as agenda appointments or emails you have to reply to.

The smartwatch Micheal Kors Bradshaw Coolblue

Day five

Last day of this ‘little’ experiment for the smartwatch Micheal Kors Bradshaw I got from Coolblue. Although I wanted this experiment to be a bit longer it wasn’t really possible due to the fact of my work at a bar. Wearing a watch as a bartender is tricky with all the spilling drinks and the water to wash the glasses. But he, 5 days should be enough to find get a pretty good taste of the smartwatch.

As usual I start my day in front of my laptop to get some things done and had a few appointments in Amsterdam afterwards. After my work was done I jumped on the train with my headphones on and traveled for 40 minutes. Some of the games from the App Store on the watch are pretty funny. Their all one click games, like flappy bird, so their super easy to play and great to kill some time. Little weird thingy, after I got off the train I got to 43.000 steps which makes me super healthy #FitGirlsDontWalk

Time to take him off, the great productivity help as wearable. Time give those men at my bar some drinks.

My thought on the smartwatch

My question was about the great next thing and if the smartwatch would be it. Of course everybody has their own opinion but this is mine, which comes out of my own experiences written above. The smartwatch has the potential to become the great next thing but isn’t developed quite enough yet. Simple things like connecting with a phone is something thats been hard for the watch since day 2. Bluetooth connections with something like a music box were never a problem but how can it be hard with a watch? Of course I sound like I could do it better which I can not, but still.

Besides the upper said text, the smartwatch is a productivity booster which helps you to focus on things different than your phone. Also the watch I got, the Micheal Kors Bradshaw, is a watch that is capable to look good at any outfit. It’s a simple looking black watch with it’s roots in the designs of original analog watches. The technology behind the watch, or maybe my phone could use an update, but after all it’s something I would wear everyday to speed up my productivity.

The #FitGirl side on the watch is something I didn’t really got the test. There is a heart monitor function, if I’m right, for when you work out. I am lazy so didn’t get to use it. Something to find out for yourself if you decide to get one. If you work behind a computer a lot this is a wearable that come in really handy!

Let me know what you thing about the smartwatch! If you have a Micheal Kors Bradshaw would love to hear your thought on the watch as wel!

The smartwatch Micheal Kors Bradshaw Coolblue








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